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    Fixes and progress

    12:00am EST - A lot of patches and hotfixes along with new things on the horizon this week as the team moves forward in development.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Fixes and patches

    There were a number of small client updates this week to fix errors and patch exploits. Although many of the commits remain hidden for security purposes, some of the fixes which went live were made public. Here is a summary:

    • Can no longer use water guns in safe zones

    • Disallow players to pickup boogie board and inner tube without building privilege 

    • Stricter inner tube and boogie board placement

    • Fixed player preview going nude whenever you take a photo (if censorship isn't "underwear")

    • Fixed camera overlays not correctly disabling

    • Fixed hot air balloon collider being present even when the balloon is not inflated

    • Fixed a trigger error after leaving the swimming pool.


    Sunburn updates

    The team is rubbing some proverbial aloe on the Sunburn DLC this week. Along with the fixes mentioned in the list above, several other changes to this downloadable content are in the works. 

    Most exciting in concept is velocity will be inherited to the Boogie Board so when a player deploys it while running forward it’ll start with some movement. Also, the max mount distance for the beach chair has been increased along with the eye position being moved further back in the chair. Finally, the description for pools was updated to account for them allowing both saltwater and freshwater.

    Mixing table

    An old familiar branch has resurfaced now that the summer DLC work has gone by. The ‘Mixing Table’ branch received a couple fresh commits this week. With mentions of recipe’s and recipe dictionary’s, one wonders what exactly this will be used for. The developers have kept this close to the vest, not disclosing the exact use for the upcoming table. We’ll keep you posted as we know more, but for now, it’s anyone’s guess.

    Wooden Cover Barricade

    It appears a new type of barricade is in the works on a separate branch. With the icons, costs, repairs, sockets, and deployable setup done this week, it appears these new barricades are not far from making it in the game. That said, they are still on a separate branch, so we’ll post more information once it’s merged.

    Other stuff

    • More HDRP work

    • SavasIsland removed (RIP)

    • Fixed Tesla coil receiving damage through walls

    • Disallow photo frames to be locked

    • Flare optimization work

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