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    Fixes, Procedural caves, and more!


    12:00am EST - Another week in Rust development and the team is trucking on new features and various fixes.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.


    Crash fixes

    You may have noticed a number of client updates over the past week. These have been to fix some random crash issues which arose out of the last update. Thankfully, after a couple of these hotfixes, it appears the crashing issues have largely subsided.


    Procedural caves

    The underground of Rust is about to get more interesting as the team works on a new branch, procedural caves. Still in the early stages, this branch appears to be the first iteration of caves with variable layouts. 

    Work so far is on a version of the cave entrance and getting it to blend in smoothly with the surrounding terrain. No visuals yet as this is all on a separate branch still. We’ll keep you posted as more comes to light.


    Monument updates

    There’s a slew of miscellaneous shifts to various monuments around the map happening on the ‘trainyard update’ branch. Along with the work on a new ore harvester, the team is adding player operated light switches to a number of monuments. They’ve also set up locomotive lighting which includes main white headlights, small white lights on the side of the train that's heading towards to, small red lights on the side which is heading away from you, and small green lights if the train is stationary.

    In addition to that, they’ve fixed some colliders on cargo ship stairs so bullets should pass through and added a tarpualin to the marketplace terminal. All these changes and more are still on the separate branch, so no visuals. That said, we’ll have a full write up of all these changes once they are merged in (ideally later this month).


    New furnace UI

    Now on the AUX branch, the first iteration of a new UI for furnaces. Still subject to change, this new UI looks like it’ll fundamentally shift how people smelt their resources. Currently added to all items like furnaces, BBQ’s, and campfires, this new UI allows for 1 stack of wood and only smelts one stack of ore at a time. Smelting time appears to be the same as it has been. Keep in mind, given this is a first iteration on the AUX branch, it is highly subject to change.


    Misc fixes

    There’s a bunch of miscellaneous fixes being worked on a similarly named branch. Here’s a rundown:

    • Added missing collider materials to a few prefabs

    • Add --json option to most text table commands

    • PerformanceReport gathers all performance numbers, sends json blob & can include requestId to coorelate responses & can optionally return json

    • Added network version & protocol to serverinfo, status command can return json

    • Added server.listtoolcupboards command

    Other stuff

    • Initial work on Molotov Cocktails

    • More work on Hapis improvements

    • Fixed typo when using ent_who on signs

    • Added server.clearugcentity convar, when provided an entity id it will delete any user generated content from that entity (can be used via rcon and will work for any entity that's compatible with the admin browser). Offensive content report dialog now finds the UGC content closest to the centre of the screen (so it can be uploaded with the report)

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