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    Fixes, Rivals, and Gun Racks


    12:00am EST - One week since the update and we’re seeing fixes and further progress.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.


    Twitch Rivals

    Happening now to Saturday the 13th, the latest Twitch Rivals tournament features four, 40 player teams, battling for 5 days, with $100,000 of prize money at stake. There’s also some sweet skins via the Twitch Drops, so make sure to tune in while you can!



    We’ve seen a couple of patches since the update hit last week. Here is a summary of the changes (these are all live in the game now):

    • Better handling for train cars at the Coaling Tower

    • Fixed some train NRE’s

    • Molotov icon no longer has flames

    • Improved wagons flying away too fast when uncoupled, or after collisions

    • Fixed wagon unload animation not ending if the wagon moved away from the vacuum while being unloaded

    • Fixed not being able to enter the locomotive's rear door on upward inclines

    • Added traincar.decayminutes and traincarunloadable.decayminutesafterunload convars for decay times


    Coaling tower improvements

    After its launch last week, the coaling tower is getting a couple tweaks and improvements. Mainly, we’re seeing a number of commits making progress towards an alternative exit for the coaling tower. We’ll post some visuals once the branch is merged to staging.

    Modular gun racks

    A new form of weapon storage is potentially on the way! The modular gun rack branch appeared this week and seems to be the beginnings of up to 3 new weapon storage options. With a small, medium, and large variant in the works, these modular racks will be the same height and depth, but width will vary depending on which size you’re working with. No visuals on this yet as it's still on a separate branch. We’ll keep you posted as more comes to light.


    Clash of Rust

    Another new branch this week, Clash of Rust appears to be a new gamemode (or maybe event) in the works. It’s not yet clear what this will feature, but we have seen two changes of note so far in the commits:

    • Gamemodes can override cost of building & upgrading

    • Building guides show until 300m

    We’ll keep you posted as more information become available. 

    Other stuff

    • Fixed camera snapping after closing inventory under certain conditions on OSX

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