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    Forward progress


    12:00am EST - Another week for Rust development and the team is making forward progress on a new building block, weather, and more!

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Elevators coming

    The newest building block, the Elevator, has gotten worked on more this week. First, it appears as though a height limit of 6 floors has been put in place - sorry skyscraper engineers of Rust. Also, a trigger has been added to kill any players who might get stuck under the lift. Finally, the power usage has been set to 10 while moving and 1 while idle.

    All this work is still on a separate branch, so no visuals or other specific details quite yet. Stay tuned as this makes its way to staging in the near future.


    A new system for weather is still in the works. This week we saw progress on lighting storms across the horizon. No word on specifically when this new weather will be added to the game, but it appears as though we’ll have new rain, snow, storm, and even auroras once complete.

    Render map

    Players are now able to render a high definition PNG version of the map for any server they are on using a new command “world.rendermap”. You can find the map then in your Rust install folder.


    A number of miscellaneous fixes have been completed this week. Here’s a lowdown of what’s been done:

    • Fixed unable to plant next to sapling or higher stage berry bush in a planter

    • Roof left and right side trim conditional models are applied to both client and server (for the collider, fixes fly hack false positives)

    • Fix being unable to power storage monitors directly from batteries

    • Fix being unable to break down more than one item at a time

    • Extra protection against accidental hammer pickups

    Other stuff

    • HDRP Progress

    • Voiceprops work (boom boxes in the near future?)

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