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    Fractional Reloading and more QoL!


    12:00am EST - With just one week to go before the big update and forced wipe, a slew of changes and improvements are making their way in. Coming off the numerous quality of life changes from last week, the team is tearing it up again with some great additions to gameplay.

    We’ll show everything off during our update preview stream which starts at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Fractional reloading

    A much anticipated and long hyped feature has finally made its appearance this week. Fractional reloading has been added to the Spas Shotgun and Bolt Action Rifle.

    If you’re not aware, fractional reloading allows for the incremental loading of shells into a weapon during the reload process (as opposed to the action being cancelled if you switch away). This means, if you have a fully loaded Bolt Action Rifle, take a shot, and hit reload, it’ll only place one bullet back in the gun instead of running through the full (and longer) reload animation. It also means if you’re in a firefight and your pump action or bolt becomes empty, you can reload just one or two bullets then fire again as opposed to having to wait for all the bullets to be reloaded.

    Long and short, this is an amazing improvement for combat and gunplay. A huge shoutout to Helk for adding it!

    Fall exploit fixed

    The team has shifted a bunch of things in relation to players disconnected and sleeping this week. Aimed not only at accounting for better behavior in certain instances, these changes fix exploits players have used in the past.

    Along with improving the calculations of fall damage on the server end, players will now fall to the ground whenever they are disconnected or sleeping. Wounded players will also no longer hover in the air, instead they will drop to the ground as expected. Finally, if a building block which players are sleeping on is destroyed, they will fall to the ground instead of floating like they have in the past.

    Debris improvements

    Adding to the nerf of online raid defense of last week, Andre has now included wall frames to the debris system. As you may recall, this new system blocks the placement of building blocks in the space where a wall or door was recently destroyed. This limits defenders as they can no longer simply build another wall when one is destroyed in a raid. With the addition of frames this week, shop fronts can no longer be placed within 30 seconds of a wall being destroyed.


    More QoL improvements

    The team continued their streak of quality of life improvements this week with the addition of a bunch more fixes and tweaks. Here’s the low down:

    • Fixed Muzzle Brake not properly applying recoil reduction

    • Muzzle Brake reduces damage by 15%

    • Compound Bow behaves exactly like hunting bow when not charged (same rof/damage etc, was 80%)

    • Compound Bow costs 25 metal frags instead of 75

    • Code locks are stackable in players inventory

    • Tracers are visible from long distance but are 1/4 the length

    • Shelves can no longer be placed on top of each other

    • Barricades now stack (10)

    • Dropbox can now be repaired

    • Vending machine can no longer be placed through world layer


    Andre has also continued his efforts on optimization by adding object pooling to a number items in the game. If you’re unfamiliar, object pooling pre-instantiates items needed during gameplay, reducing the need to create and destroy them on the fly, which is notorious for slowing down CPU’s and creating hitches in gameplay.

    This pooling has been added to corpses, ragdolls, and a slew of various items in the game. Although there is no silver bullet for perfect performance, this is a huge step in the direction of smoother gameplay and fewer hiccups.


    HAB exploit fixes

    Some exploits relating to the Hot Air Balloon have been cleared up this week. Players can no longer use weapons when tangled in a deflated Hot Air Balloon canvas. Also, they can no longer see through the canvas when inside.


    Military Flamethrower art

    Thomas has posted a new military grade flamethrower to his Artstation page. This comes in the wake of his grenade launcher art, posted just the other week. It appears as these two powerful new weapons may soon become part of the Heavy Scientist arsenal. Both are still pending full implementation, so no confirmation on exactly how we’ll see them enter the game.

    Oil Filter Silencer

    Thomas has also committed some art for a new type of silencer. The Oil Filter Silencer will likely be a lower tier version of the Silencer weapon attachment we’re all used to. No visuals or further information on this quite yet given only the artwork has been completed as of now. Stay tuned for more information as this new attachment makes its way into the game.

    Other stuff

    • Explosive ammo sound tweaks

    • Compound / bandit town lighting progress

    • More progress on the Giant Excavator monument

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