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    GDC Week


    12:00am EST - A bit of a slow week for Rust development as the vast majority of Facepunch staff are away at GDC.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.


    Nuclear Missile Silo

    More work this week on the newest monument in Rust over on the AUX2 branch. Still unavailable to public access, the Nuclear Missile Silo is expected to be a mostly underground monument with loot, NPC’s, and radiation.

    Also interesting, Alistair mentioned on Reddit that “The monument will add some meaning to the events unfolding on the Island.” It’s still not clear when this monument will be ready for primetime. Will it be going live with the April 6th update?  We’ll keep you posted as more comes to light.


    More on AUX2

    Also on the AUX2 branch, double saddles and various improvements to in-game maps! This includes multiple map markers with labels shared with your team. Also, a new pinging feature to alert teammates of points of interest. As with the Nuclear Missile Silo, it’s not clear when these features will go live in the game.


    Auto Wear clothing

    A new quality of life feature is live on staging! Simply hold the alt-look key while right-clicking or hover looting from a loot container to wear clothing items immediately (if they can be worn without taking off anything else). 

    Also, if holding the alt-look key and right-click or hover looting from main inventory or clothing inventory, it’ll behave as if there is no loot container open (as in, put the clothes on).


    More world models coming

    More world models are on the way! If you’re not aware, world models refer to the object dropped on the ground when a player drops something. If there is no ‘world model’ for the object, it shows those good ‘ole burlap sacks. Soon, we’ll be seeing less sack when dropping various ammo types, high velocity rockets, and PTZ cameras.


    Other stuff

    • Team UI & Nametags will use steam nicknames instead of steam names / streamer names if you are friends with the player. Added 'use_steam_nicknames' convar to revert to previous behaviour

    • Changed satchel values back to normal

    • Some camera fixes

    • More work on Ferry Terminals

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