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    12:00am EST - With one week till the big update, there are some exciting things on the horizon. The devs are tearing it up with improvements, optimizations, and awesome additions to the game, including: horseback riding!

    Our update preview stream starts at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Horseback riding added

    At long last, horseback riding has arrived (in a rudimentary form). Helk, making good on his promise from a couple weeks ago, has put in the first stages of riding horses into the game. Still a work in progress, there are some issues to be resolved before every Newman can take to the plains of Rust on their trusty bronco.

    Nevertheless, we have a glimpse of how this will function. First, you’ll need to tame a horse by approaching it and pressing ‘E’. Advance too quickly and that wild mustang will buck and kill the fuck out of you - or just run away. The exact requirements of taming still seem to be up in the air.

    Once on a horse, you’ll be able to navigate around using the WSAD keys. At the moment, movement can be a bit wonky, and traveling over hills and rocks doesn’t work so great. That said, this will of course be cleaned up prior to release. To dismount, you simply press the spacebar.

    No word on if this will for sure make it in the June update, but I’d expect more horse play commits over the coming days. As always, we’ll keep you posted as work progresses.


    Lowered research costs

    That old scrap grind has been reduced significantly this week. After putting it to a vote, Helk has lowered the research cost for rare and very rare items. Here is a lowdown:


    Old cost

    New cost

    Very rare

    Old cost

    New cost

    In game store added

    As part of his restructuring of the main menu UI, Garry has added an in game store for purchasing skins. No longer can you only purchase skins from the item store website, now you can easily buy your skins without ever leaving the game.


    UI Improvements

    As you may recall from last week, Garry has been overhauling the UI as a continuation of his work on redoing the Steamworks integrations.

    This week, along with fixing several bugs (drag dropping not working, server favorite weirdness, vitals in wrong order, etc.) he’s added videos to the background instead of static images. You can now expect a peaceful looping video of several scenes when loading the game.


    Improved fonts

    Garry has also dramatically improved the look of some text in game. Using an asset from the Unity store called Textmesh Pro, he’s enhanced the look of both in game chat and player names.


    Environmental shaders

    Vincent continues his work on a branch called ‘env-shaders.’ It’s not ready to be shown off yet, however, he told me we can expect some big changes once it’s ready to go. That said, he cautioned it’ll be a while before it’s ready to hit main.

    Preprocessing optimization

    A new name has shown up on the commits list for Rust. Rohan, a member of the Facepunch team, is now working on a new branch called ‘preprocesscopy.’ Long and short, this is an experimental body of work aimed at optimization. Huzzah! A new person working solely on optimization… music to my ears!

    Oil Rig fixes

    Alistair has been banging out some fixes for the Oil Rig monuments this week. In the realm of shooting, he’s fixed projectiles being rejected by anti hack when shot through stairs along with one way shooting through a window on large Oil Rig. He’s also fixed getting stuck and triggers for flyhack violations when jumping in certain areas.

    Other stuff

    • More work on weapon texture and VFX optimizations

    • Optimized looking up items by short name

    • Fixes to player step detection glitches on stairs

    • Server print when connected / disconnected from Steam

    • Watchtowers can no longer be placed under terrain (exploit fix)

    • Key lock no longer uses code lock guide mesh

    • Removed placeholder cube and used building plan while deploying locks

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