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  • Facepunch

    Giddy Up!


    Horseback riding, Balance changes, a New UI and more!

    • Upgraded to Unity 2019.1.4f1
    • Enabled incremental GC and integrated it with the custom GC logic
    • Server Browser shows wipe times
    • Can order server list by wipe time
    • Added in game item store
    • Show when friends are on servers
    • Main menu has background videos
    • Sleeping bag list now scrolls
    • Players automatically climb over small steps
    • Added Horseback Riding 1.0
    • Fixed skin unloading texture and material corruption issues
    • Fixed light from the outside bleeding into building reflection probes at doorways
    • Fixed projectile LOS exploit that was abusing the player bounds forgiveness
    • Fixed server side player fall through floor exploit
    • Fixed IK on world space particle systems (flame thrower)
    • Fixed not all servers getting listed
    • Fixed crafting queue UI not getting reset after reconnect
    • Fixed renderinfo command
    • Fixed players parenting on the outside of Hot air balloon
    • Fixed players falling out of the falling out of Hot air balloon
    • Fixed a bunch of item typos
    • Fixed projectiles being rejected when shot through Oilrig stairs
    • Fixed players clipping through Oilrig dock
    • Fixed SetDestination errors
    • Fixed Launch site office building spawning too many barrels
    • Fixed Watchtowers being placed under the terrain
    • Fixed Rustige Egg base protection
    • Fixed Water Junkpiles despawning with players nearby
    • Fixed Muzzle flashes animating at low FPS in the distance
    • Fixed Scope jittering all over the place when on a vehicle or the cargo ship
    • Fixed viewmodels lagging behind when on a vehicle or the cargo ship
    • Fixed not being able to pick up Water Barrel
    • Fixed animals not playing dynamic footsteps based on their surface type
      Optimized skin unloading
    • Enabled skin unloading on low end hardware by default again
    • UI loads faster
    • Fixed animations sometimes not being disabled
    • Optimized occlusion texture memory usage
    • Optimized input button updates
    • Optimized chat UI
    • Optimized physics timing values
    • Optimized child entity networking when parented to entities with global broadcast (cargo ship)
    • Optimized server browser
    • Optimized font memory usage
    • Added more localization
    • Shader usage optimizations
    • Improved CJK font rendering
    • Added invisible_collider, prevent_movment_volume and gas station prefabs for map makers
    • Hapis Island map optimizations
    • Weapon VFX optimizations
    • Weapon visual improvements
    • Scope no longer scales with UI Scale
    • Water jug spawns with less water
    • Puzzle reset bugs fixed (can no longer camp and wait for a respawn)
    • Nerfed oil rig loot
    • Flashlights cast additional light in first person illuminating an area beyond just the light cone
    • Lowered all research costs

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