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    Giving thanks, for balance!

    12:00 am EST - With just one week before the December update, the team is cranking on new functionality and a literal fuck ton of balance changes. 

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Before we get into it, a quick note on Charitable Rust 2020…

    Charitable Rust 2020: Great success!

    This past Saturday we held our 6th annual charity event, Charitable Rust. This year supported the amazing organization, Rise Above the Disorder, who help people get the mental health care they need.

    I’m proud to report we raised an estimated $180,000 for this cause! For more information and acknowledgements, check out my post from yesterday.

    November balance

    Alistair has been slaying it on the November balance branch (recently merged into staging). With too many commits to list, he’s made an insane amount of balance shifts. I’ve listed the main ones below, but we’ve also compiled a more complete list of specific changes across the board which you can find here.


    • Increased rocket launcher deploy delay to equal reload time - stacking multiple loaded rocket launchers no longer has a benefit

    • Reduced crafting time on a slew of weapons


    • Reinforced window bars now called Reinforced Glass Window and there health has been lowered to 500

    • Wooden barricade cover no longer requires workbench

    • Many items have had there crafting time reduced

    • Floor grills and fences are now stackable (up to 10 a stack)


    • Can now pick up Kayak with hammer, loses 25% condition each time it's picked up

    • Many items have had there crafting time and resource cost lowered

    • Many items are now stackable


    • Hazmat suit now has durability. 30 ak shots will break a hazmat suit

    • Many clothing items have had there crafting cost and time to craft lowered

    • Many clothing items have had there protections rebalanced

    • Diving gear can now be recycled


    • Reduced crafting time on Stone tools, Icepick, and Satchel

    • Increased Salvaged axe crafting time to be in line with the Icepick


    • Large medkit now provides small amount of instant health (10) and reduced crafting cost and time

    • Reduced Medical Syringe crafting time


    • Pure ore and advanced ore teas have had there ore yield reduced

    • Greatly reduced the amount of dehydration when consuming anti-radiation pills (-10 hydration per pill)


    • Reduced crafting cost of Incendiary ammo

    • Smoke grenade now researchable craftable and stackable

    • Reduced HE grenade radius and damage (90 damage to a naked)


    • Snap Trap now Stackable (3 per stack)

    • Reduced crafting cost of Flame turret and wooden floor spikes

    • Reduced crafting time of auto turret and Landmines


    • Reduced the cost of of most electrical items - many items now use metal fragments instead of HQM

    • Most electrical items are now stackable (5 per stack)


    • All instruments have had there crafting time reduced

    Map changes

    Several shifts to procedurally generated maps are on the way. Being committed to the ‘save201’ branch, these changes include radiation being added to Launch site floodlight towers and some fixes for Stables spawning too close to other monuments. Also, the safezone size of stables has been reduced slightly.

    Tech Trees

    Helk is making a ton of progress on the ‘techtrees’ branch. With procedural grouping, a tree line widget, tree node selection, scrolling, information population, grouping, indicators, and more - he’s cranking out this new functionality. It’s still not clear exactly how these new techtree’s will specifically work in the game, but we’ll keep you posted as more comes to light.

    Other stuff

    • More work on HDRP Backport

    • Workcart progress

    • Drone deploying and picking up

    • server.censorplayerlist will randomly assign player names now

    • Fix photos not loading when many try to load at once (might take a few sec to load all in when there's many)

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