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    Hack Week and hotfixes


    12:00am EST - Rust development is well underway for the month and we’re seeing fixes and a hack week with some exciting new functionality.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Charitable Rust is next week!

    That’s right! Next weekend (November 19th and 20th) is Charitable Rust 2022. There will be exclusive Twitch drops, item store skins, prizes, games, races, and much more! Everyone is invited to join in on the fun on our Charitable Rust event servers (to be found on the official list). All proceeds this year go to supporting World Central Kitchen.


    You may have noticed some optional client updates earlier in the week. Not uncommon after first Thursdays, the first patch was to fix some errors and tweak minor things with the Caboose and Blackjack. The second patch addressed the following things:

    • Harmony modding improvements

    • Visual fixes to the lumberjack hazmat

    • Move attachment item slots closer together in UI

    • Fixed attachment slots being out of order in UI


    Hack week

    Some of the team at Facepunch are participating in another hack week. This is where developers can work on whatever they’d like to add in the game. The second of its kind, hack weeks can be a great break from normal development and allow for some cool new things in the game. Keep in mind though, just because something is worked on in a hack week, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll enter the game.



    First on the hack week list, Jake Rich is working on Airships! After adding an engine to balloons, it looks like he’s working on allowing existing bases to be converted into an airship. There’s also an electric airship engine (like a mini windmill) in the works. 

    With just two days of commits, the branch still leaves a lot of questions ‘up in the air’ so to speak. We’ll keep a close eye on this one to see if Airships will be a reality in Rust.


    Chat emoji’s 

    Also on the hack week train, Jarryd is working on bringing emoji support to in-game chat. On an initial implementation, it seems like there's still some work to do, but it’ll be cool to see emojis in the game.


    Weapon racks

    Seen initially in the first hack week, Weapon Racks are once again being worked on by Adam. No visuals or anything quite yet, but new storage options for weapons are definitely welcome!


    Other stuff

    • A number of fixes and tweaks to musical instruments and MIDI stuff

    • Start of work on the Xmas event (happening in December)

    • More work on the Ferry Terminal

    • Don't allow MissionPoints to drop to ground until the server has finished loading, this should prevent mission objectives being placed under the ground during the treasure hunt mission

    • Don't allow MissionPoints to drop to ground until the server has finished loading, this should prevent mission objectives being placed under the ground during the treasure hunt mission

    • Added server.netprotocol convar that prints the server protocol tag (rak for raknet or sw for steamworks)

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