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    Halloween is almost here!

    12:00am EST - As development trucks along for the month of October, Facepunch prepares for this years Halloween Rust event.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 2pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Halloween event overview

    Similar to other holiday events in Rust, the 2020 Halloween Event will go live towards the end of the month and run till the next first Thursday update. It features a variety of seasonal items, loot, and events in the game. Scheduled to go live with a mandatory patch on Monday, October 26th at 2pm EST, it’ll be active on servers till the next forced wipe on November 5th. 

    Long and short for this year: Mummies / Scarecrows roaming about, Trick or Treat events with candy and loot bag prizes, Skull trophies and spikes, spooky skins, and more! Given we won’t know the exact specifics of all the store items till they go live, I’ll be sure to update this post on Monday once the event has started.

    Mummies and Scarecrows, oh my!

    The roaming, murdering NPC’s from Halloweens gone by are back! In previous years we’ve had either Mummies or Scarecrows, wandering the map, looking for a Newman to run after and throw beancans at. This year is a double whammy, as both Scarecrows and Mummies wander the map. They’ll run after you with a Chainsaw or Sickle and try to kill you if they see you, so watch out!



    How many on map?
    ~ 40 on a default map

    Weapons used

    Example loot dropped
    Metal Blades (2x)
    Flashing Light
    SAR Body
    F1 Grenades (3x)


    Trick or Treat event

    Similar to the Egg hunt from the Easter event earlier this year, Trick or Treating is back for Halloween 2020! About once every in game day you’ll see a countdown and notice pops up saying “Trick or Treat Starts in: 14 seconds”. 

    View fullsize 700580_20201021205223_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20201021205212_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20201021205236_1.png

    Once it starts, Halloween Candy will spawn around the map. Race to pick up as much as you can within 3 minutes. 

    Now what do you do with all this candy? Well, like any normal trick-or-treater, you can just shove it all in your gullet till your stomach can’t take any more. You can also upgrade it to higher tiers of candy (loot). See below for more details on each tier.

    Oh, and the top three people to get the most candy, get prizes…



    3 Medium Loot Bags


    1 Medium Loot Bag


    1 Small Loot Bag

    Halloween Loot Upgrades

    Lowest common denominator in the treat loot ladder, Halloween Candy - which stacks to 10 - can be eaten (healing +1, calories +25) or upgraded to a Small Loot Bag (10 to upgrade). 

    From there, you can continue to upgrade. Here’s a low down of each loot bag type and some loot examples you can find:

    Small Loot Bag

    Stacks to

    Sample Loot
    4 Chocolate Bars
    Pumpkin bucket
    Compound bow +10 arrows ~48 frags
    Hunting bow + 5 arrows Scarecrow Wrap

    Upgrade to Medium

    Medium Loot Bag

    Stacks to

    Sample Loot
    2.5k stones
    Revolver + 20 ammo
    Double Barrel + 5 buck shot Chainsaw + 22 low grade Spider Webs
    Graveyard fence

    Upgrade to Large

    Large Loot Bag

    Stacks to

    Sample Loot
    MP5A4 + 30 ammo
    M249 + 50 ammo
    LR300 + 20 ammo
    M39 + 50 ammo
    5 IC + 3 HV Rockets
    Grenade Launcher


    Pumpkin Bucket

    This helpful bucket found in Small Loot Bags allows you to pick up candy quicker during the Trick or Treat event using left click. You can also use right click to throw candy at people - it does about 20hp damage.

    Scarecrow Wrap

    The Scarecrow Wrap - found in Small Loot Bags - will give you extra candy vision when applied (basically allows you to see the candy from farther away).

    Store items

    Some Halloween exclusive content is expected on the item store once this event goes live. I’ll update this part once it’s been added.

    Skull Trophies

    One of the likely candidates for the item store this year is the newly added Skull Trophy. Seriously, who hasn’t wanted to proudly display the skull of your fallen foe before? Well, now you can! Simply plop a trophy down, open it up, and place in any human skull you like. The plaque on the front of the trophy will automatically update with the player name of the skull.

    More details on this item once the update is live.

    Skull Spikes

    Looking for more than one skull on a stick? You’re in luck! The Skull Spikes can be placed down and feature 3 gnarly skulls spread throughout. Like the Skull Trophy, this is also likely to be available for purchase on the item store once the event is live - stay tuned for more details.


    Pickup-able resources

    You’ll notice a change to the resources you can pick up off the ground with this update. Wood, stone, and ore pickups are now spooky looking! You can even pick up bones!

    View fullsize 700580_20201020150307_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20201021225314_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20201021225304_1.png

    Other development news

    We’ll be back next Thursday with a full rundown of what you can expect in the November update.  In the meantime, here are some highlights of what’s been going on in development:

    • A potential new type of vehicle, the Work Cart, is being worked on

    • Improvements to the new weather including incoming rainbows

    • Stables monuments is likely to go live November 5th

    • Techtree being worked on

    • Elevator uses 5 power all the time instead of changing consumption based on if it’s being used or not

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