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    Happy Turkey Day!

    12:00am EST - Over in the states we are celebrating Thanksgiving as the devs keep trucking along on the December update. Much of the active work is still on separate branches, so there is not much to show off this week.

    Our update preview stream starts at 1pm eastern. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week. Before we get into it…

    Charitable Rust 2021: Huge success 

    Charitable Rust this year featured an action-packed weekend like we have never seen before. A huge thankyou to everyone involved. I’m happy to announce we have raised an estimated $190,000 for preemptive love. For more information check out my previous post.

    Blueprint wipe incoming

    For the first time in about a year, the team at Facepunch is forcing a blueprint wipe when the update hits on December 2nd. Although it is not quite clear on what features will accompany this update, players on all servers will have the opportunity for a completely clean gameplay slate.

    Winter is coming

    The development team is working on bringing a wintery mix of new items on several different fronts. Although it's all still on separate branches, we're seeing forward progress on both a new vehicle “snowmobile” and an arctic base. It's not yet clear if these will make it in for the December update, but it does seem as though we will have a variety of new winter activities in the near future. As always, we will keep you up to date as more things come to light.

    AI improvements

    There have been a couple branches with improvements for AI in the game. As with some deeper elements of coding, these specific commits can be pretty hard to understand long and short: AI elements come the December update should be improved. Stay tuned to the devblog next week for more information.

    Other Stuff

    • Split off electricity and car parts from T2 techtree

    • T3 techtree changes - MP5 cost and position changes

    • Added support for alt look while spectating

    • Improve camera angles when entering/exiting parent volumes

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