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    HDRP, Furniture, and more!


    12:00am EST - Another week in Rust development and the team is making great headway in several areas.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Console beta complete

    Double11, the company in charge of Rust Console Edition, announced earlier this week that the private beta for the console edition has come to an end. Long story short: They are very happy with the results of the private beta and excited to move into the pre-order beta in the near future which will feature a more updated version of the game with even more features. 

    No release date on this pre-order beta yet, but it can’t be that far away given the public release of the console edition is slated for May 21st. If you haven’t already, go check out the pre-order pages for Xbox and Playstation 4!


    HDRP Hapis

    The HDRP branch, which went live last week and looks amazing, is being applied to Hapis. This means we can expect to see all the beautiful new visual effects on our favorite static map here in the near future. Along with the Hapis work, we’re also seeing a number of commits tweaking and improving the HDRP branch in general.

    As you may recall, the HDRP work is still on a separate staging branch with a planned release for the May 6th update (assuming nothing really hits the fan in the next week or two). 



    A new branch has been created which features a slew of new furniture. The aptly named ‘furniture’ branch includes the initial prefab set up for a number of new items including a metal bed frame, mattress, sheets, autopsy table, emergency exit sign and more. No word if this will be a fresh DLC (like musical instruments) or just normal additions to the game. All work is still on a separate branch, so no visuals yet. We’ll post more information once it’s available. 


    Minor fixes

    The team performed a number of minor fixes on a separate branch this week. Here is a summary of what was done:

    • Fixed Wind Turbine excessive bounds

    • Fixed Wind Turbine deployment underwater

    • Reduced large furnace bounds

    • Fixed "Rechargable" typos

    • Fixed missing open and close sounds on static research table

    • Fixed missing open and close sounds on static repair table too

    • Fixed a bunch of reported typos


    Cheater ban wave

    It’s no secret, cheating in Rust has been pretty bad lately. Thankfully Alistair let the community know they’ve banned 3000 accounts this week alone for cheat related activity. This includes a number of bans for people using ‘undetectable’ anti-recoil scripts. Hopefully Facepunch and EAC keep up this momentum to stem the tide of all these cheats.

    Other stuff

    • Initial work on a configurable gesture wheel

    • Potentially some cool new demo features coming on the ‘demoshot’ branch

    • Potential fix for player model not updating based on player alt look angles

    • Include type field in smart alarm notification data

    • Poker game inputs now reset the player idle timer on the server. Don't kick players just because they sat playing poker for thirty minutes!

    • Potential incorrect material gib fix

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