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    Hello, 2023!


    12:00am EST - A fresh year is upon us and the first Rust update of 2023 happens today. As with all first Thursday updates, this one comes with a forced map wipe across the board (no forced blueprint wipe). 

    Our update stream goes live at 1pm EST. The update is expected out at normal time (2pm EST / 7pm GMT). Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    So long, Christmas!

    One of the main changes coming with the update today is the disabling of all Xmas content. So long St. Nick with your loaded air drops. So long jingle bells and spawned presents nearby. We’ll see you all next December.


    Light content patch

    Given the holidays and state of various projects in development, this update is sparse in terms of new content and changes. Never fear though! There is still a bunch of awesome new stuff on the horizon including: Industrial tools, pets, server to server transfer via boats, quality of life, and much more. As always, we’ll keep you posted each week with more on what's happening in Rust development.


    Quality of life

    The main changes hitting Rust today are some miscellaneous quality of life shifts. Here is a summary of what to expect:

    • Dropped item containers (not corpse backpacks) will always take 2 hours to despawn regardless of contents

    • Driver can now steer a modular car when engine is off. Allows for one person pushing, one steering.

    • Don't spawn fireballs when minicopter / scrap heli dies to decay

    • Change "Lower to bottom floor" to "Top Floor" / "Bottom Floor" & make it the default option for elevators

    • Allow cloning of food (corn, pumpkins, potatos) at a slightly earlier stage

    Closing Rustafied BR

    With this shift to a new year, we are making a couple changes around here. First, I’m sorry to announce we will be closing our BR servers when this update hits. If you’ve been following along for the past several months, you’ll know we transferred off one host which was not performing well in Sao Paulo (a host which is now out of business) and have been trying to get new hardware in a data center there for months. The first hardware was apparently stolen, then the second package has been stuck in customs for months. 

    Long and short: It is not feasible to host servers out of South America which hold up consistently to the standards of our other servers. We’ve looked at many hosts in several countries down there and either the service is not sufficient or the price is entirely prohibitive. I know this is going to let many people down, and I apologize for the disappointment. Please know we tried our best on this one and held out for months in an attempt to get it sorted. Thank you for your understanding.


    Earlier wipe times

    We’ll also be moving our normal scheduled wipe times for each region 2 hours earlier from 5pm to 3pm local time. This goes into effect for all Rustafied wipes after the forced wipe today (so starting Monday with the Odd servers). 

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