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    Homing Missile Launchers and Armored HAB


    12:00am EST - With one week till the update and forced wipe on September 7th, the team is cranking on various projects and we are seeing some exciting new stuff hit staging!

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.


    Homing Missile Launcher on staging!

    The newest type of propelled rockets are on the way in the form of a Homing Missile Launcher. Just hitting staging earlier this week, this new weapon could be a key component for countering the upcoming Attack Helicopter.

    It takes 4 seconds to lock onto its target (locks on any player or NPC controlled helicopter) and, as you’d expect, it loads one missile at a time. Below are some current stats, but keep in mind, everything is subject to change.


    Homing Missile Launcher

    20 HQM
    4 metal pipe
    2 tech trash

    500 scrap

    Level 2


    Homing Missile

    Crafting (yield of 3)
    200 gun powder
    3 metal pipe
    1 tech trash

    125 scrap

    Level 2


    View fullsize Picture-128.jpg View fullsize Picture-127.jpg
    View fullsize Picture-132.jpg
    View fullsize Picture-137.jpg





    Armored Hot Air Balloons

    Also recently appearing on staging, Armored Hot Air Balloons are now in the mix. Giving more protection than the previously naked HAB’s, these new guys hopefully stand some chance against the Attack Helicopters. Here are some of the basics (keep in mind all is subject to change).

    • Still a work in progress, it can only be spawned in at the moment (no crafting or purchase costs)

    • Armor modifies HAB health directly, boosting to from 1500 to 2000 hp

    • HAB armor can only be equipped while HAB is fully deflated

    • HAB armor is repairable with hammer


    Attack Helicopter changes

    With the advent of the Attack Helicopter, some changes are being worked on. Here is a summary of what we’re seeing this week:

    • Attack Helicopter now has ability to fire rockets from pilot seat

    • Reduced attack helicopter turret upward gun movement range

    • Don't allow pressing down to fly upwards when upside down 


    Parachute progress

    With parachutes making their grand entrance next week, we’re seeing some tweaks and finishing touches coming. Here are some highlights:

    • Add an extra slot to the clothing section of player corpse to account for backpacks

    • Increased the clearance check, now needs 1.5m sphere radius and 10m below player to deploy

    • Added parachute sounds

    Other stuff

    • Both handheld and helicopter flares are in the works (likely counter measures for homing missiles)

    • More work on boat drifting - all boats drift to shore when abandoned

    • Rust PVE mode (convar) now allows players to shoot NPCs

    • Fixed ability to drive around without a little bump causing you to start flying (minicopter)

    • Show sleeping bags on the bottom layer of the map view on the in-game map, but keep them on top on the death screen so they can still be clicked

    • Autohover is now a convar. Removed the built-in input trigger for it, but it can now be bound instead.

    • Can deploy weapon racks and clan table on tugboat

    • More work on tutorial island

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