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    Hotfixes and new features!


    12:00am EST - With one week since the big update we’re seeing a bunch of hotfixes and work on future features. 

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Hotfixes this week

    As with many post update weeks, we’ve seen a couple of hotfixes go live in the form of server and client updates. Mostly related to the Voice Props DLC, all the below commits have gone live. It’s a light news week, so fuck it, I’ll list them all.

    • Mac users can now use the Voice props DLC

    • Added link-stairwell-bottom-e and link-stairwell-bottom-f to cover two edge cases where none of the current circular stairwell pieces would fit

    • Various Boombox fixes

    • Added a voice props volume slider (affects boom boxes and recorded cassettes)

    • Cassette recorder no longer lockable 

    • Various Microphone stand fixes

    • Fixed laser lights lasers not displaying

    • Hopeful fix for the recorder not recording local players' voices when using surround sound setups

    • Improved hurt screen overlay

    • Improved climate grading transition

    • Improved screen overlays when in underground volumes

    • Fixed some cases where high volume sensitivity was actually lowering volume sensitivity

    • Fixed sensitivity setting being calculated incorrectly on the disco floor

    • Standardised sensitivity between both disco floor variants

    • Create radio in a background thread, eliminating hitch when connecting to some radio stations


    Underwater labs and submarines incoming

    Beyond hotfixes for the current build, the majority of commits have been to the good old submarine branch. As we all likely know by now, this body of work not only consists of two new aquatic vehicles (solo and duo submarines), it also features new loot opportunities in the form of underwater labs.

    With most of the commits related to obscure coding things, I’ll summarize by just saying it appears as though the team is working hard to get these features on staging for testing - no word on when that might be though. As always, we’ll keep you posted as more information comes to light.


    Voice props changes

    Along with all the fixes which went live already for the voice Props DLC, we’re also seeing various improvements still being worked on. These include syncing of disconnected boomboxes connected to the same URL, better beat detection for certain items, tweaks to the radio list, and more. 

    It’s not clear as of yet if these changes will go live shortly in another hotfix or if they will wait until the next large update. 


    Recycler tweaks

    Two small quality of life tweaks have come to Recyclers this week. First, the right-click transfer of items now rejects any which can’t be recycled. Also, if the slots of the Recycler are full, right-click moving of any items stops. It looks like these changes will likely go live with the August update.

    Other stuff

    • Fixed a graphics.uiscale value of 0.8 hiding the search text on the crafting screen when at 1080p

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