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    Huge update incoming!


    12:00am EST - Update day has arrived and the team at Facepunch has been killing it with amazing additions and great quality of life changes. There are almost too many to list, but I’ll do my best to summarize everything you can expect to see once the update hits.

    As always, there’s no set time for the patch to go live. Generally speaking though, it tends to be between 3 and 5pm EST. Our update stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it…

    Multiple Grenade Launcher added

    A new weapon has been added to the Rust arsenal this update. The Multiple Grenade Launcher allows you to fire up to 6 40mm grenades in quick succession. This bad boy uses 3 new types of ammo (see below) and utilizes fractional reloading.

    As of this patch, you’ll only be able to obtain this launcher from the corpses of Heavy Scientists. It cannot be researched, crafted, or purchased at any NPC vending machines (although this may change in the future).

    When dealing with the HE grenades, they explode on impact - no bouncing or trickery like that. Although it is mainly intended as an anti personnel weapon, it may have some applications in raiding. For instance, it takes 5 40mm HE Grenades to take out a sheet metal door at the moment. If you’re worried about this being too OP, reserve judgement till you read about ammo availability below.

    As with all new items in the game, expect some tweaks and balance changes to come down the pike.

    Multiple Grenade Launcher information





    Fire Rate



    40mm Ammo types

    There are some fresh ammo types accompanying the Grenade Launcher. All 40mm, the HE Grenade, Smoke Grenade, and Shotgun Round each do pretty much what you would expect. Like the Grenade Launcher itself, none of these are able to be researched or crafted.

    At the moment, they are only found in drops. That said, Helk told me the Smoke Grenade and Shotgun Shell might go up for sale at NPC vending machines (HE will remain very scarce).

    HE Grenade

    Smoke Grenade

    Shotgun Shell


    Combat Knife added

    A new melee weapon has arrived and it’s mainly good for one thing. You guessed it… Stabbing the ever living shit out of people! The Combat Knife features high damage and fast speed - basically the Bone Knife, but 2.5 times the damage. You can’t harvest any wood or ore with it, but it does gather flesh better than anything else. Oh, and you can attack with it while sprinting.


    Crafting cost
    25 metal frags
    1 HQM

    Craft time
    15 seconds

    Research cost
    75 scrap

    Level 1 required


    Fractional reloading

    One of the longest requested and most hyped changes to gun play has made it in this month. Fractional reloading has finally been added to several weapons.

    From now on, when you’re reloading the Pump Shotgun, Spas Shotgun, Bolt Action Rifle, or new Grenade Launcher, you no longer have to wait for the entire reload animation to complete. Instead, the amount of shells available incrementally goes up as they are added to the weapon. The reload action can be stopped at any point, leaving you with access to whatever ammo has been placed up to that point.

    This means if you’re in a firefight with say the Pump Shotgun and you run out of shells, you can now just reload one bullet and fire again as opposed to having to wait for the entire reload animation to complete.

    Weapons with fractional reloading:


    Bolt Action


    Pump Shotgun

    Spas Shotgun

    Grenade Launcher


    Large Oil Rig

    Big brother of the newest monument from last month has been added to the sea’s of Rust. The Large Oil Rig is very similar to it’s counterpart, just much bigger. With 6 stories to explore, this Big Rig features 3 puzzles, hidden elite crates, a bunch of other loot, and a fuck ton of scientists (both heavy and normal).

    With one point of ingress on sea level and a helipad on top, this water-based behemoth can be accessed by boat or Minicopter. Watch out though, there are almost 40 scientists (5 Heavy, the rest blue) guarding this bad boy and all it’s loot. The loot is worthy though, as you’ll find around 11 wood crates, 14 green crates, and 5 elite crates. There’s also a recycler, research bench, and even a tier 2 workbench.

    Similar to the Small Oil Rig, a locked crate will appear on the top deck. Once you start hacking it, the Chinook helicopter will swoop in and drop off 5 Heavy Scientists to mess up your day.

    Puzzle solutions
    There are a total of 3 puzzles (green, blue, and red) along with a hidden area with some extra loot. Only cards required, no fuses needed at this time (although that might change soon).

    Puzzle #1 (Green)
    Located at level 3, on the helipad side

    252490_20190403105458_1.png Swipe your green card at the door. Grab 3 wood crates and a green card on the desk.

    Puzzle #2 (Blue)
    Found on level 4, towards the center of the rig

    Swipe your blue card at the door. Grab 4 green boxes inside.

    Puzzle #3 (Red)
    On the top level, near the base of the tower

    Swipe your red card at the door. 252490_20190403114413_1.png Grab the 3 elite crates, 4 green crates, and red card.

    Bonus vents
    On level 5 there are vents which lead to a hidden room

    Enter the vent near the smoke stacks. 252490_20190403115207_1.png Grab the 2 elite crates and wood crate.

    Important locations
    There is also a recycler and research table on the Large Oil Rig.

    Level 4, in a small room next to the blue puzzle.
    252490_20190403115730_1.png Research Table
    Top level, same room as the red puzzle.

    Other pictures
    Here’s a bunch of other shots of the new Large Oil Rig.



    Weapon shifts

    In the quality of life realm, several changes to weapons have taken place. Here’s the lowdown:



    • Can now take Flashlight and Laser Sights

    Compound Bow

    • Same as Hunting Bow when not charged

    • Now costs 25 frags instead of 75

    Muzzle Brake

    • Properly applies recoil reduction

    • Reduces damage by 15%

    Explosive Ammo

    • Can be heard much farther away (quieter distance sound)

    • Causes weapons and silencers to lose condition faster


    Item changes

    Quality of life improvements don’t stop at weapons, a bunch of items have had positive shifts.

    • Code locks now stack to 10

    • Barricades now stack to 10

    • Can recycle empty cans (10 frags for beans, 8 frags for tuna)

    • Water Jug can go into fridges

    • Salvaged Axe harvests more animal flesh (now same as hatchet / bone knife)

    • Dropbox can be repaired

    Misc QoL changes

    Here’s a couple more miscellaneous quality of life changes.

    • Can attack while sprinting with the Chainsaw

    • Underwater crates untie in half the time

    • Tracers are visible from a longer distance but are 1/4 the length

    • Improved laser effects


    SAM Site changes

    Some tweaks to SAM sites have come down the pike this month. Most notable, they now require electricity to operate. This not only adds a layer of complexity to the set up process, it allows for the remote toggling of them with a detonator or the like. They also now disengage targets once direct line of sight is lost.

    Minicopter changes

    The latest vehicle to take flight in the skies of Rust has received some tweaks. With regards to fuel, it can only be accessed now by the pilot if the engine is in use (anyone can access when the engine is off).

    In an effort to curb copter hoarders, they will no longer last forever indoors. Helk has made it so they decay when indoors at half the outside rate. Also, the collision shape has been cleaned up, making it a bit easier to fit through those tight spaces.


    Hot Air Balloon exploit fixes

    A nasty little exploit with stationary Hot Air Balloons has been resolved. No longer can players hide in the deflated canvas, peering out and shooting unsuspecting passerby’s. Not only can they no longer see out, weapons can not be used inside of a deflated Hot Air Balloon canvas.


    New Scientist NPC models

    Scientist NPC’s have a fresh look this month. Both the blue scientists by junk piles and green scientists at the compound monument have received some new digs. These changes are purely aesthetic, so don’t expect any changes to damage or loot drops. Here are some shots:


    Compound lighting

    The Compound monument has gotten a facelift to lighting this month. A picture is worth 1000 and all, so here are some shots:



    Debris system

    Online raid defense has received a large nerf this month with the advent of a debris. This new system blocks the placement of building blocks in areas where a wall or door was just destroyed. This 30 second cool down period will block base owners from quickly placing a shopfront or the like immediately after raiders destroy a block.

    Fall exploit fixed

    A long standing exploit has been addressed with this update. No longer can players falling from great heights simply log off, leaving their sleeping bodies floating undamaged in the air. Instead, sleeping and disconnected players will now always fall to the ground, incurring any fall damage due. This also holds true for wounded players, who will no longer hover in the air, hand reaching out for help.

    Pooling optimizations

    Hitches and stutters will hopefully be less frequent after the patch as Andre completed a bunch of work around object pooling. For you non-game developers out there, this basically means objects will be loaded in memory instead of created and destroyed on the fly as they are needed. This object pooling is much easier on the CPU, thereby lowering the chances of unwanted stutters.

    @RustUpdates is back!

    A valuable tool for tracking Rust development has returned! After being shut off unexpectedly last November, the Rust Updates Twitter account has come back to life.

    Other stuff

    • Shelves can no longer be placed on top of each other

    • Fix for ores spawning inside hilltop rocks

    • Pump shotgun has slightly less zoom

    • Fixed FOV bug which zoomed weapons in too much if fov was not default (75)

    • Fixed a bunch of item descriptions

    • Water optimizations (less waves, better performance)

    • Vending machine can no longer be placed through world layer


    Blueprint wipe?

    Whenever a forced map wipe comes along (as it does the first Thursday of every month), people inevitably ask if a forced blueprint wipe will occur with it. The answer this month, as usual, is no. There is no sign of a forced blueprint wipe with the update today.

    That said, all Rustafied servers will wipe blueprints once the update hits (as we are on a two month blueprint wipe schedule).

    Moderator applications open!

    We’re building our team! Are you over the age of 18 and interested in helping keep our servers clean of hackers and the like? Apply today to become a moderator of Rustafied.

    Apply today!

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