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    Industrial crafting and hand cars!


    12:00am EST - With two weeks til the big update, the team is trucking on features and functionality.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.


    Industrial crafting 

    A new add-on to workbenches is in development this week. Taking place on the ‘industrial’ branch, there’s been a bunch of commits towards a new industrial crafter which attaches to a workbench. 

    Based on commits, this crafter will take a blueprint and resources (ingredients) then spit out the crafted product. An ‘auto-crafter’ of sorts, this workbench add-on stands to lighten the crafting burden for you and your group.

    Still in the early stages of development, visuals and details are sparse. As always, we’ll fill you in once this goes live on staging.


    Hand cars incoming 

    A new way to travel on the rails is potentially in the works this week. Hand cars is a fresh branch, and although not confirmed, our hunch is these will be a slower, manual form of transportation. In its infancy and still on a separate branch, we have no visuals or specifics quite yet. We’ll keep you posted as more comes to light.


    Hardcore tech tree balance 

    Big shifts to balance coming down the pike for tech tree’s in hardcore mode. Specifically, they have been made more expensive across the board. 

    Tier 1

    Tier 2

    Tier 3

    This stands to significantly slow down progression when it comes to tech trees on hardcore servers.

    Here at Rustafied, we’re trying something out with our EU Hardcore server: removing tech tree’s all together. We’re also making it 2x gather, cause why not? These changes are on a trial basis and we may shift them going forward.

    Rustafied.com - EU Hardcore


    Painting palette update

    The painting UI has been updated for the first time in 7 years! It now includes a lot more colors, creating many more possibilities for the thriving art scene in Rust. Also, they changed the rotate behavior for the sign painting UI so it's more intuitive — it now rotates in the direction you move the mouse.



    Updated server browser

    Speaking of UI, the server browser has been updated to include better tag filtering.


    New campfire model

    The model for the campfire has been updated to a higher fidelity version. It also looks like some visual shifts to flames and lighting are being worked on, but are still on a separate branch.


    Furnace UI changes

    More shifts to furnace UI are in the works. Specifically, items will cook on all slots at once as opposed to sequentially (1st slot, then 2nd, then 3rd…). It’s not clear at this moment if this is just for food items or for all resources. Still on a separate branch, we’ll clarify once it’s merged in.


    Ragdoll fixes

    There have been a number of commits this week to resolve some inconsistencies when it comes to ragdolls and collisions. Long and short: ragdoll bodies should still collide with vehicles and vehicles will not collide with various small plants and bushes. 


    Other stuff 

    • Final tidying up of Caboose / blackjack - hopefully we can show off next week!

    • Zip line flicker fixes

    • Server browser UI improvements

    • Work on a nuclear missile silo (new monument)

    • Extended locker interaction colliders on the camper to provide access from the outside when in destroyed state

    • Added ai.ClearIgnoredPlayers and ai.PrintIgnoredPlayers

    • Initial work for coupling of cars on underground rails

    • Some new modding prefabs including glowing cubes

    • Fixed gate external stone gates displaying incorrectly at a distance

    • More checks to keep trees away from spawning on rails

    • Allow admins to use printpos & such in hardcore

    • Change all growable plant checks to use Debris layer, fixes being able to place multiple plants in the same planter slot

    • Debris building blocker now immune to explosive damage - Often destroyed in follow-up rocket hit allowing rapid repairs

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