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    Industrial progress and drones


    12:00am EST - We are at the halfway point for Rust development this month and the team is trucking on with some exciting new things.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Industrial progress

    Work continues on the industrial system over on the AUX2 branch. Expected to go live in two weeks with the Feb 2nd update and forced map wipe; this feature set enables players and groups to automate their bases in ways never before possible.

    This week we’re seeing additional features being added, bug fixes, and some balance shifts. Most significantly, industrial pipes can no longer just go through walls all willy-nilly. They now have to be piped through closed doors instead. This hopefully satisfies some of the concerns around groups walling off loot and cupboards easily.

    For a full summary of the industrial system and how it may impact your future bases and gameplay, check out my article from last week. Keep in mind, this is all still in active development and is subject to change.


    RC Drones

    A new way of controlling auto turrets appears to be on the way. Using remote controlled drones, it appears players will be able to move and fire auto turrets. Based on commits, the turrets laser will be scaled up to be used as a crosshair for the drone, within a certain range (indicated by fog). Still on a separate branch, the details are a little hazy. Nevertheless, we’ll keep a close eye on this and report once it appears on staging.


    Nuclear missile silo

    One of the next monuments to enter Rust continues its progress this week. The Nuclear Missile Silo, likely to be a huge underground structure, moves forward in development with some dressing progress, additional meshes, and new pieces being added. Now six months since the first commit, it’s not clear when exactly this will make its way into primetime; we’ll share any more details as soon as we have them.


    Procedural dungeons

    Speaking of things underground, some procedural dungeons are in the works on a new branch. No visuals yet, but we can imagine this will be some form of underground system around the map, likely with loot and NPC’s. We’ll keep an eye on this one as work progresses. 


    Happy Lunar New Year!

    Get your red envelopes ready, as lunar new year hops along this Monday. With the year of the rabbit, expect a bunny-centric item to appear in the item store — and maybe more!

    Other stuff

    • Allow doors to be placed on top of deployables (boxes, sleeping bags, etc)

    • Fixed missing ceiling in water treatment plant pigeon nest collider

    • Fixed autoturret colliders being on Default layer instead of Deployed

    • Fixed collision issue on zipline slope that could partially hide dropped items

    • Fixed bushes spawned through the decor system not casting any shadows

    • Added colliders on powerline tarps - prevents dropped items being hidden

    • Enabling native Apple Silicon build (experimental)

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