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    Interesting things afoot...


    Another week for Rust development and some exciting things are on the horizon. With a mandatory update scheduled for next week (no forced wipe), it begs the question: What is coming in?

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Lunar new year event?

    Rust may be celebrating the Lunar new year for the first time next week. Although there has been no confirmation of anything from the developers, the commits show both a lunar new year and fireworks branch being worked on this month. Especially interesting is the use of the word ‘boomination’ in a recent commit by Petur which, according to Urban Dictionary, means ‘the most extreme form of partying one will endure on a Thursday night in Scottsdale, Arizona.’ So, yeah, you’re guess is as good as mine.

    Regardless, these commits coupled with the announcement of a mandatory patch coming next Thursday makes it seem likely that some form of in game event might be put in to ring in the lunar new year. Will it be fireworks? Something else? Nothing? That remains to be seen. One is certain: We’ll report on what we know as soon as anything else comes to light.


    Midi support for instruments

    The ability to easily play midi files with instruments will likely also be going live with the update next week. Using the ‘instruments.playrecording’ command, players will be able broadcast any midi file they’ve placed in the instruments folder within the default Rust installation directory. This functionality is still a work in progress, so it may be a little finicky until next week when it’s ready to go.


    Farming 2 

    Some significant changes to farming appear to be taking place on the farming2 branch. First, the dynamics of growing will be shifted as fertilizer and compost have been added. Also, plants will now have a genetic makeup which will appear as a color-coded display on the plant UI.

    It’s not clear exactly how drastic these shifts will change farming or when they’ll be merged into staging for testing, but we’ll keep you posted on work on this progresses.

    Life stats

    A new display for certain life statistics is in the works. Although it’s still on a separate branch, we can see according to commits that it’ll include player, animal, and scientist kills. It also looks like these new stats will utilize the combatlog to show specifics about hits and headshots along with tracking various things like flight time. 

    As with most of the other things being worked on, this is still on a separate branch and unable to be seen / tested at this moment. Stay tuned for more info.

    New commands

    Several new commands have made their way in this week. It appears they are primarily admin or developer commands which are likely still a bit of a work in progress. That said, they might also be able to be used in future modded servers to provide functionality not currently available.

    Here’s a list of the new commands with a brief description. Keep in mind, these may not work fully and their use may change.

    • Player.wakeup - Wakes a sleeping player up

    • Inventory.copyto - Copies a players inventory to the player in front of them

    • Inventory.equipslot PlayerName - Can’t get working at the moment

    • Inventory.equipslottarget - Same

    • Player.wakeupall - Causes all sleepers in the server to stand up. Inventory not accessible at the moment.


    Item search

    Finding items in the F1 menu just got a bit easier with the addition of a search bar on the bottom of the F1 ‘Items’ menu. Simply click into the ‘search all items…’ field and start typing to display any relevant results above.

    Other stuff

    • A bunch more modular vehicle progress. Coming soon maybe?!

    • Skeleton optimizations branch merged in (doesn’t look like this has any impact on gameplay)

    • Typo fixed in strobe light

    • Allow typing when the console autocomplete is active (instead of needing to push tab)

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