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    Into the Abyss


    12:00am EST - Update day has arrived, and with it, a step into the Abyss! This update and forced map wipe include a new DLC, a new monument, some fresh water, and best of all, a new form of floating base with Tugboats!

    Our update stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Tugboat: the floating base

    Rust’s newest and biggest ever watercraft is here! The Tugboat is unlike any other vehicle in Rust - here are the details!


    The Tugboat is a large water vessel with the unique feature of being able to be built on (with limitations). Players and groups are able to nab authorization, then place doors and locks to secure their claim. As with any new addition to the game, this is all subject to change.


    How to get a Tugboat
    The Tugboat is rare. At the moment, 2 spawn at each harbor. Given most maps have 2 harbors, there are generally 4 Tugs per map. Unlike other boats and submarines, you can’t purchase the Tugboat anywhere. If a Tugboat is destroyed, another one does spawn at a Harbor after 30 minutes or so.


    How to drive the Tugboat
    The Tugboat is operated like most other vehicles in the game. Head up to the control room and look at the helm to add fuel (it runs on low grade) and start her up. From there it’s a simple WASD to navigate the sea of Rust. 

    The Tug is no speedster, it chugs along at around 20kts, burns 1 low grade every several seconds at full throttle, and has a pretty wide turning radius. It’s also equipped with sonar at the helm to detect nearby submarines.


    How to make one yours
    Ownership of the Tug starts where you drive it: at the helm. If you hold E while looking at the helm, you’ll notice the options to ‘Authorize’ and ‘Clear authorized list’ which give access to building privilege. From there you can slap doors and locks on either side of the control room and then on the entrance to the main cabin. 

    You can place a slew of deployables to make the place cozy including campfires, sleeping bags, beds, boxes, small furnaces, fridges, tables, chairs, benches, and more. No larger items, electrical, turrets, traps, industrial or the like allowed. Also no cupboards can be placed, as the cupboard is essentially baked in.


    Damage and health
    The Tugboat is pretty beefy at 3000hp. It’ll take 4 C4, 16 rockets, or 7 torpedoes to destroy it. You can repair it with a hammer and mix of wood and metal frags (no building privilege required). 

    Honestly before you destroy the thing you may just want to blow down some doors and make it your own floating base. Keeping it as your base may be hard for another reason though: this puppy decays pretty quick. Left out in the open ocean, it will fully decay in a matter of about 6 hours.


    View fullsize 700580_20230627120157_1.png View fullsize 700580_20230627120209_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230627120238_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230627113413_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230627112634_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230627113022_1.jpg





    Ferry Terminal

    A new monument is also in store for this update! The Ferry Terminal spawns once per map near the shoreline and features loot, access to the underground, and some useful utilities. It may not stay exactly like this for long, as word on the street is this could be related to the server to server (nexus) transfer stuff coming in the future.

    That’s not here yet though, so the Terminal is a modest point of interest with several wooden and military crates, no NPC’s or radiation, some useful utilities, and a bunch of places to hide. As far as services goes, you can find a car lift (between the main building and truck loading dock), a recycler (near the lift), a research table (inside the main building near entrance to underground tunnels), and a repair bench (in the yellow shipping container).


    View fullsize 700580_20230705113245_1.png View fullsize 700580_20230705113332_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230705113315_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230705120040_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230705113401_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230705113353_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230705120107_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230705120052_1.png





    Abyss DLC

    Also going live with this update, a fresh Item Store DLC pack! Like previous Hazmat skin based DLC’s, this pack includes some great looking skins of various items in the game. Here is a rundown.


    Abyss Diver Suits
    Centerpiece of the DLC, the Diver Suits are complexly designed skins of the Hazmat suit centered around deep sea expiration. There are 3 variants total, all with a similar look and same stats. Which variant you get appears to be randomized.

    Looks aside, these skins share the same stats as the Hazmat suit and provide no extra benefits to the wearer. 


    View fullsize 700580_20230705113655_1.png View fullsize 700580_20230705113716_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230705113735_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230705113745_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230705113852_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230705113901_1.png


    Abyss AK
    Next on the list, the Abyss Assault Rifle. Clad with seaweed, netting, and a hook for sight, this snazzy skin fits in great with the set. Cosmetic only. 


    Abyss Torch
    The Abyss Torch is a skin of the regular torch with one extra feature - it stays lit underwater. For anyone yelling ‘ahhh! Pay to win!!’ - don’t worry, it kind of sucks at lighting things underwater anyway.


    Abyss Hatchet and Pickaxe
    Finally, the two metal tools of the bunch: the Abyss Hatchet and Abyss Pickaxe. Both exactly the same as their metal equivalent - they visually tie the whole DLC collection together greatly. 


    View fullsize 700580_20230629003117_1.png View fullsize 700580_20230627131842_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230629003219_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230627122727_1.png





    New water

    With all this oceanic related activity, a whole new water system also goes live with the update today! With this new system you’ll notice bluer water, new animations, fresh reflections, nice waves, and smooth transitions with other elements. It might even come with some great optimizations too (I don’t know for sure, check out the devblog when it comes out).


    View fullsize 700580_20230705114756_1.png View fullsize 700580_20230627135702_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230627123158_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230627131251_1.png





    Various fixes

    • Fixed combat knife crate untie not counting towards mission status

    • Fixed industrial pipes getting destroyed when upgrading grades (I assume when upgrading from normal skins to new skins)

    • Updated brick window block to have a rectangular shape like other blocks

    • Disable delete button from showing on outpost and bandit respawn points in softcore mode

    • Fixed boomboxes failing to reconnect to a valid station after an unsuccessful reconnection attempt

    • Fixed conveyor screen not showing item transfers if the item is being stacked in the output container


    Other stuff

    • A bunch of shader improvements (see more details in devblog)

    • Combat knife can now rapidly untie underwater crates

    • Spraycan no longer loses condition when reskinning an entity


    Rustafied 2x server launch

    I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of our first 2x server with the forced wipe today! A huge thank you to everyone who helped test and provide feedback with the soft launch last week! We’ve tweaked some things and are confident you’ll love our accelerated gameplay experience.

    Blueprint wipes
    at forced

    Map wipes
    Tuesdays and Fridays
    at 3PM GMT

    Map size

    Hosted in

    Server modifications

    • 2.5x gather for sulfur (2x gather for non-raiding resources)

    • 1/2 craft and smelting for non raiding resources (normal speed for raid materials)

    • Workbench covers entire base

    • Junk removed from loot tables

    • Blueprints for building, electricity, and other basic tier 1 items are default

    Connect info

    connect 2x.rustafied.com
    Or find on the modded list

    Hapis map updates!

    Over on our Zenlabs servers we’ll be running a freshly updated version of the Hapis map. This update includes:

    • An all new cave system

    • Above ground train system

    • Added thin ravines and cave

    You can find our US and EU Zenlabs servers on the official list!

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