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    It's Lumberjack time!


    12:00am EST - Update day has arrived and the team at Facepunch has a bunch of good stuff lined up including a new DLC, refreshed VFX, UI changes, zipline loot, and more!

    As usual, the update is expected to hit at 2pm EST (7pm BST). Our update stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Charitable Rust: November 19th - 20th!

    Before we get into the update news, a quick reminder: our yearly charity event, Charitable Rust, happens next month! Mark your calendars for the weekend of November 19th and 20th, where everyone is free to get exclusive skins and join our various event servers with tons of games and prizes, all raising funds for World Central Kitchen

    A huge thank you to Facepunch and everyone who’s supported already with prizes and contributions. If you’re a streamer / content creator and are interested in participating, please check out our streamer portal


    Twitch drops

    Kicking off along with the update, a new tournament from Streamerland and the next round of Twitch drops! Head over to the Facepunch Twitch page to link your accounts and get in on all the action.


    Lumberjack DLC

    Highlight of the update today, the Lumberjack DLC goes live. The first DLC of the year, this skin pack focuses on the hard working wood gatherers of Rust. Featuring a new Lumberjack-centric hazmat skin and several other tool skins, this DLC will have you looking sharp next time you head out to chop wood. 

    The items in this DLC change cosmetics only, no improved or different stats for any of the items. So far the pack includes: the Lumberjack Suit, Concrete Hatchet, Concrete Pickaxe, Prototype Hatchet, and Prototype Pickaxe. It’s not confirmed what the price of this pack will be yet, but our guess is around $10 - like the previous DLC’s. We’ll add some links here once it goes live on the item store.


    View fullsize 700580_20221005094759_1.png View fullsize 700580_20221005095131_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221005095635_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221005095741_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221005092856_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221005093417_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221005093841_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221005094248_1.png





    VFX updates

    Sitting by the campfire post-update will look a bit different thanks to the new fire visual effects. These have been updated for campfires, fireplaces, large furnaces, and more. Now with a higher fidelity look, the realism has been turned up several notches.


    View fullsize 700580_20221005105615_1.png View fullsize 700580_20221005105117_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221005104504_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221005105754_1.png





    Furnace UI changes

    More tweaks to furnace and cooking UI this month. Specifically, furnaces now cook everything placed in them at the same time, as opposed to just cooking 1 by 1. Although a completely different behavior from before, the overall cook / smelt time of everything still appears to be about the same. Also, a progress bar has been added to each item being cooked, allowing players to more easily see the status.


    Updated server browser

    Speaking of UI, the server browser has been updated to include more advanced tag filtering. Along with more tags, the filter behavior has been made more inclusive to where multiple filters selected will show any server with ANY of the selected tags instead of only showing only servers with ALL of the tags.


    Painting UI update

    Also in the UI realm, the color palette of most painting UI has been updated to include more colors. 

    Hardcore tech tree balance 

    Rust’s newest game mode, hardcore, is getting some balance changes this month. Specifically, the scrap price of tech tree unlocking has been made more expensive across the board. The specific price increase varies depending on item, but overall everything is more expensive. This stands to slow down progression when it comes to tech trees on hardcore servers.


    Zipline loot

    More shifts to Ziplines are sliding into the game today. Expanding on the tweaks last month, the devs have increased the ‘prevent building’ area around ziplines. This should equate to less instances of bases and trees ending up in the way of ziplines. Also, more loot has been added to the zipline platforms. 

    Here are some examples of what we found (each line representing 1 platform):

    • 4 barrels, 1 small wood crate, 1 tool crate

    • 2 barrels, 2 red barrels, 2 tool crates

    • 3 barrels, 1 red barrel, 1 tool crate, 1 mili crate 

    • 4 barrels, 1 tool crate, 1 small wood crate

    • 4 barrels, 1 normal crate, 1 small wood crate


    More storage increases

    In the wake of last month's buffs to small and large wooden storage, several other storage related items have been adjusted too. Specifically, car storage, camper storage, and saddle bags have all been increased. Here are the details:

    Car storage



    Camper storage



    Saddle bags 




    Other stuff

    There were so many miscellaneous changes this month, we split ‘other stuff’ into a couple sections for you.

    New additions:

    • Vending machine map clusters now have a green circle to better stand out on the map

    • Update to the options menu so things use dropdowns instead of the left/right buttons to scroll through

    • When you shoot the locomotive bell, it goes ding

    • Randomized animal idle animations so they no longer play in sync

    • Added fps.limitInBackground client convar that reduces fps cap to 15 while the game isn't in focus

    • Moved grass shadows setting from "experimental" section to "graphics" section in the options menu


    • Debris building blocker now immune to explosive damage - Often destroyed in follow-up rocket hit allowing rapid repairs

    • Horses no longer fall through the soft middle section of ramps

    • Camper BBQ output slots increased to 2

    • Fixed gate external stone gates displaying incorrectly at a distance

    • Solar panel exploit fixes

    • Fixed modular vehicle storage being locked while the vehicle is in corpse state

    • Fixed loot wagons spawning with no gravel and being generally broken

    • Fixed being unable to continue mission if player loots tackle container from maximum loot distance

    • Fixed hardcore tag in server browser not toggling

    • Fixes for flickering visuals on locomotives

    • Fixed several spawn populations theoretically being allowed to spawn on rail

    • Turned off Debris vs. Vehicle Detailed layer collisions. Unfortunately this means items will fall through vehicles again, but will let cars drive through bushes, hemp etc again as well

    • Fixed Coconut_underwear item description spelling mistake from "form" to "from", fixed Chocolate item description, icon, shortname from "chocholate" to "chocolate" 🐎

    • Fixed two of the water treatment plant cylinders making the environment super dark when standing inside them

    • Extended locker interaction colliders on the camper to provide access from the outside when in destroyed state

    • Change all growable plant checks to use Debris layer, fixes being able to place multiple plants in the same planter slot

    • Fixed dynamic mouse cursor not working in main menu

    • Adjust spray can description to remove mention of inserting attachments


    • Expose limit fps in background option in Screen section of Options menu

    • Some new modding prefabs including glowing cubes

    • Allow admins to use printpos & such in hardcore

    • Add skipqueueid and removeskipqueue commands to set/unset a SteamID to always skip the queue and saves in users.cfg

    • Added "entcount" admin command, prints out all entities associated with a given player

    • Add demo.showCommunityUI convar that controls if server driven UI's appear in demos. Defaults to false

    • Compass now orients correctly based on current player being spectated in a demo, rather than always based on the player who recorded a demo

    • Added ai.ClearIgnoredPlayers and ai.PrintIgnoredPlayers

    • Stopped fixcars command still filling engine parts in destroyed vehicles

    • Fix tooltip shadows rendering like rectangles instead of nice soft shadows like they were supposed to be

    • Dictionary cache for usernames to optimize team ui (it grabs username every frame)

    • Flashing train tunnel barricade lights no longer flash if the player is more than 30m above the lights (on the surface) Each toggle was taking 0.3-0.5ms

    • Fix modded server combatlog NRE

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