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    Just one week left!

    12:00am EST - With just one week before the big update, the team is finalizing new functionality.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Modular vehicles next week!

    That’s right! The time is finally here, modular vehicles are set to launch next week. As expected, the team is working diligently to get this massive new feature set ready to go. 

    This week we’ve seen some finishing touches on the locking system, making it so the drivers seat door now locks entirely, instead of just the ignition. Drivers will now be able to choose if the cabin is locked or not for other passengers.

    There’s also an emphasis being put on network optimization to reduce input lag along with a slew of bug fixes. Some balance has already taken place as well. Crafting and repair costs for modules have been reduced by half or more. As with any fresh, large functionality, I’d expect more balance shifts over the coming weeks. Check back next week for a full summary of what you need to know about vehicles in Rust.

    Map changes

    In preparation for every Tom, Dick, and Newman rolling around the map in a car, the team has tweaked some things with procedural map generation. 

    Biggest of note, the default map size has been increased again from 4250 to 4500. Also, roads in general now have a smoother layout (both horizontally and vertically) along with more seamless joining at intersections. In addition, side roads have been made slightly wider and roadside decor has been moved farther away to avoid spawning on the road.

    These changes are still on a separate branch, however, we expect them to be merged prior to the update next week.

    Summer DLC?

    It appears as though vehicles might not be the only exciting new content going live with the update next week. The developers have been hammering a slew of hidden commits to the Summer DLC branch in the past couple of weeks. Although we have no confirmation yet, it does stand to reason July would be a good time to launch a summer DLC.

    What will the summer DLC include? There have been no official leaks, however, a commit from the other day alludes to there being potentially a pool, board, and beach chair. 

    We’ll keep you posted as more information comes to light.

    Other stuff

    • Large banners now decay when placed outside of building priv

    • small wooden box can no longer be deployed inside trees

    • Open fuel is always default interaction when looking at fuel container on minicopter

    • Menu background updated for cars

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