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    Life stats and other progress

    12:00am EST - Just one week till the February 6th update and forced wipe. The team is making some great progress on various things including new statistics, modular vehicles, farming, fixes, and more.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Life stats

    A new way to see various game play statistics has worked its way in this week. Dubbed ‘Life Stats’, this scrollable list of information shows up on the the death screen. Although some of the stats may still need more work and yet more may be added, here is a list of what you can currently see:

    • Distance Walked

    • Distance Run

    • Damage Taken

    • Damage Healed

    • Time in Wilderness

    • Time in Monuments

    • Time in Base

    • Time swimming

    • Time boating

    • Time flying

    There is also: shots fired, hits, and accuracy for each weapon you used.

    Modular Vehicle progress

    Work on the much anticipated modular vehicles is progressing with great vigor. Working on many seemingly finishing touches such as vehicle health, vfx, storage, sleeping, speeds, and decay, it appears these exciting new modes of transportation are soon to be here.

    Will they make it in for the upcoming February 6th update? Given these are not yet merged in to staging, I’d say the likelihood is small. Even so, it is a possibility. We’ll keep you posted as the month winds down to a close.

    Horse loot through building fix

    An issue which has plagued very many unsuspecting base owners since the new mountable leaning functionality was merged last month, horses allowing people to loot through buildings has been remedied by Garry. Although some fringe cases of this could possibly still be at play, it does appear like the main use cases have been resolved.

    Farming 2

    Improvements and additions to farming continue to take form as commits pile up on the farming2 branch. Still not merged with staging, we can only infer what this will entail based on commits.

    Nevertheless, those commits have revealed a number of things over the previous weeks such as the addition of fertilizer, compost, new gene functionality, and this week, a new crop: potatoes. 

    No word on if this will make it in for the February update, but we’ll keep you posted as always once more information comes to light.

    Sprinkler branch

    A new branch - likely associated with the above farming additions - has arrived this week. Sprinklers appear to be in the works, possibly to aid in the watering of crops.

    Road networking

    If you track commits, you may have noticed some on the “ring road” branch. No, this isn’t some new custom map homage to Mariokart where you drive the new modular vehicles on a colorful track suspended on high (oh shit though, wouldn’t that be awesome?). Instead, it is some improvements to how the roads are networked for procedural map generation.

    Other stuff

    • More work on a new hit box system update

    • Added "Particles/PixelLit Advanced" shader with linear and flow-based frame blending

    • Fix map not zooming

    • HDRP work

    • Igniter fixes

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