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    Map changes and Easter on the way!

    12:00am EST - It’s been one week since the update and, along with some bug fixes, the team is working on shifts to the in game map, a new event for Easter, monuments, and more!

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Hot fixes after the update

    After the big update hit last Thursday, a couple of hotfixes needed to be released to clear up some issues. The most notable issue of ragdolls disappearing (or flying off into the stratosphere) was resolved early Friday. A couple more patches trickled down over the following day which addressed the following issues:

    • Fixed skins not showing on some items

    • Combat knife and binoculars now show up on the left hip when holstered

    • Rocket Launcher view model fixed

    • Fixed Crossbow ADS zooming in too much

    • Fixed binoculars not being able to toggle zoom levels

    • SAM and Combat knife description fixes


    Map changes

    Garry is getting his hands dirty in some Rust commits around the in game map this week. One of the main changes is adding the ability to see the surrounding area (in essence allowing you to zoom out farther, allowing you to see the Oil Rigs). Along with this, he’s shifted the overall look by applying a new shader.

    He’s also improved performance by rendering the map grid using this new shader, which saves 676 game objects / text UI elements on a 4k map. Here’s a before and after shot to give you a sense of the shifts:


    Easter event next week

    A new event is headed to Rust later this month! Easter will be celebrated in game starting next week with a small (but mandatory) update hitting on Thursday, April 18th. Work on this new event is still on separate branch, so no visuals quite yet. That said, the commits allude to an Easter basket and something to do with a scaled knife blade.

    As you may recall from previous Halloweens and Christmases, these events generally include special items available in game and on the item store, additional loot drops, and sometimes even special server events. We’ll have the full details of the Rust Easter event next week once the branch is merged into staging.

    Unity 2019.1.0 Update

    Andre and Diogo are working on a separate branch to apply the latest version of Unity (the underlying game engine for Rust). Generally speaking, these updates can improve graphics and performance, along with fixing some base level bugs.

    They do, however, often require a lot of retooling of various graphic items and game dynamics (which is what we’re seeing in the commits this week). If you’re interested in the nitty gritty of what's in this new version of Unity, check out their changelog here.

    Bandit Town lighting progress

    Petur, after launching a ton of great shifts to lighting for the Compound monument last week, is working on a similar body of work for Bandit Camp. All this work is still on a separate branch at the moment, so no visuals yet. That said, it’s likely we’ll see some ambiance shifts to the lighting in Bandit Camp next month.

    I reached out to Petur to see if he’s got any sneak peeks I could post, but he said it’s not really at the point where anything would be representative of the final result. Expect some visuals in the coming weeks.

    Other things

    • Confiscate clatter item if no longer owns clatter (like if they refunded)

    • Fixes to skins loading and unloading

    • Fixed MGL admire / ironsight bug

    • Fixed flashlight missing LOD materials

    • Updates to MGL 3rd person relax poses

    • M249 & M39 have new specular maps fix to odd shading for skinners

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