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    Meet the Scrap Transport Helicopter

    A new air vehicle will grace the skies of Rust this month. Going live with the update on Thursday, September 5th, the Scrap Transport Helicopter introduces an entirely new paradigm to the game of Rust: large group transportation.

    This article covers all the things you’ll need to know about the new Scrap Helicopter. Take everything with a grain of salt as it is subject to change prior to the update. As always, I’ll update this post as things change.


    The Scrap Transport Helicopter is a behemoth - with 2 seats up front and a whole bunch of room for junk in the trunk. This scrappy machine uses twice as much fuel as its little brother (the Minicopter) and will easily crush anyone it happens to land on.

    Stats summary

    Before we go over each part, here’s an overview of some important statistics.

    Amount on 4k map

    Amount on 3k map

    Amount on 5k map

    Fuel per minute
    28 low grade

    Max flight time
    ~18 minutes (500 lgf)


    Decay time
    3 hours

    Repair cost
    38 frags per hit

    Repair HP per hit

    Debris gathered
    ~1500 metal frags

    HV Rockets to destroy

    Regular rockets

    SAM site hits
    8 rockets (125hp/ea)

    Explosive 556

    Regular 556

    How to acquire

    Like other vehicles in game, it spawns randomly around the map. On a default world size (4k) there appear to be 5 spawning at once, making it a rare commodity. It appears you’ll only find multiple of these bad boys on larger maps, as only one spawns at the moment on maps less than 4k.


    Outside decay rates appear to be the same as the Minicopter (3 hours). Unlike the Minicopter, the Scrap Helicopter does not decay slower when inside - and good luck fitting it anyway.


    With 1000hp, it holds up against attack moderately well. Keep in mind, however, it is a large target and therefore easier to hit. Similar to the Attack Helicopter, the Scrap Heli will billow smoke and catch fire as its health deteriorates. 

    Here are the stages of damage:



    The controls are just like the Minicopter: WASD for yaw and pitch combined with mouse movements for pitch and roll. It handles as you would expect; a bit sluggish while being pretty forgiving when it comes to losing control. 

    Also like the Minicopter, you can taxi on the ground by holding CTRL and using the WASD keys.

    252490_20190901175106_1 copy.png


    With the addition of the Scrap Heli, there have been some buffs for attacking air vehicles. Specifically, the Rocket Launcher is now cheaper and a Tier 2 item. Also, a new type of damage has been added for HV Rockets and SAM Sites, which deals extra damage to air vehicles. HV Rockets have also been made cheaper, tier 2, and now move faster than before with more accuracy. 

    Here are some samples of how much it takes to destroy the Scrap Transport Helicopter:




    HV Rocket

    SAM Ammo


    Rifle Bullet


    Explosive Rifle Bullet


    252490_20190901175537_1 copy.png

    Size and capacity

    As stated above, this thing is pretty massive. Check out the pictures below to get a sense for just how big this it is.

    And how many people exactly can you fit in the back of one of these? Our preliminary tests show that upwards of 21 people can squeeze into the back of this thing. Add the two people up front, and you’ve got a huge group which can be transported at once.


    Fuel consumption

    The Scrap Transport Helicopter certainly guzzles that Low Grade. As mentioned above, it burns twice as much as the Minicoptor. That said, it has the same maximum capacity of 500 Low Grade at a time. Also keep in mind that you’ll need to land to refuel, as the tank is not accessible during flight (or when anyone in the pilot seat for that matter).

    In total, it burns about 28 Low Grade Fuel a minute, equating to 17.85 minutes of flight time total.


    The Scrap Heli can be repaired when damaged using a Hammer and Metal Fragments. Each Hammer whack repairs 50hp and costs 38 Metal Frags.

    Functional light

    Flying at night is also a possibility in the Scrap Helicopter. There is a handy spot light underneath which can be toggled with the F key by the pilot. 

    Debris gather

    Like the Bradley, you can gather materials from the debris. Given its size, there are a good number of parts which can be salvaged. Once the fire dies down, you can harvest each piece, totaling over 1500 Metal Frags!


    Other stuff

    • C4 sticks to it

    • You can’t access front seats from in back area

    • Admins can spawn with “spawn scraptransporthelicopter” in console

    Content owned and published by Rustafied.com

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