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    Missions, campers, and QoL next week!


    12:00am EST - With one week till the big update, we’re seeing work on missions, vehicles, and more quality of life.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Vehicle shifts

    With the camper module on the horizon, the team has completed some tweaks and changes to vehicles in general. First, a navmesh component has been added to the car chassis to ensure animals don’t walk through them. Also, Bradley will now fire at players in modular cars, even if the colliders on the car make the player not visible (i.e. if they are in the back of a camper).

    Speaking of the camper, the ‘clear bed’ option has been shifted to only show up when holding ‘e’ instead of just being the default option when pressing ‘e’. This should make accidental bed clearing a less common occurrence.

    Also, the view angles while seated have been shifted to allow for access to the storage box from more places. Along with that, they lowered the angle range for accessing sleeping bag controls so you now must be facing straight ahead and down.

    In case you missed it, the camper (coming in the next update) is a 2-socket vehicle module which allows for up to 4 people to respawn in, has 3 locker loadout spots, a small wood storage, and a BBQ for cooking. We’ll have a full write up on the new camper module next week prior to the update.

    Missions incoming!

    Work on missions continues in earnest this week with the goal of having them go live with the October update. Still on a separate branch, all the new missions progress is not quite ready for testing on staging. That said, we expect it to be merged shortly and will have a full write up on everything you need to know about missions prior to the update.


    Quality of life

    Quality of life improvements have been a major priority this month. As of now, all the changes committed have been added to the main staging branch. We’re working on a document which outlines every single change for the article next week. In the meantime, here is a summary of the main quality of life changes you can expect with the update:

    • Player painted signs can be picked up and the sign data is saved

    • Show team members first in sleeping bag and auto turret assign UI's (teammate must be a steam friend too)

    • Added some lights to the supply drop that turn on between 8pm and 7am

    • Made it much easier to flip a boat back over

    • Right clicking scrap while using a research table will put the scrap into the scrap slot, not the item slot

    • Signs, picture frames, and neon signs can be stacked up to 5 (can't stack if they have saved data)

    • Automatically self authorize when placing an auto turret

    • Vehicles no longer slide off cargo ship

    • Server tab added to F1 menu for admins to manage players and settings


    Military tunnel loot shifts

    Some shifts coming down the pike to looting military tunnels. Committed to the ‘save217’ branch, the team made it so NPC’s no longer respawn while players are in the tunnel. In addition to this, they’ve made it so the elite crates respawn inline with the AI. This means there will be no more looting elite crates when there is no AI spawned.


    Hapis conversion

    Petur has started work once again on bringing Hapis back. As you may recall, Hapis was removed from the official map rotation after the world revamp went live the other month. Although we don’t expect Hapis to make a return with the update next week, we’ll hopefully be able to play our favorite static map again in the next month or so.

    Other stuff

    • More work on desert military base

    • Siren spinner animator supports red siren lights too

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