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    Monument Puzzles and AI Improvements

    12:00 am EST - With the forced wipe just two weeks away, the next update to hit Rust is starting to take shape. Many features are still on separate branches, so not a ton of visuals quite yet, but expect more as things get merged in over the coming weeks.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3 pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Monument puzzles

    A feature long in the works, Monument puzzles have been getting a lot of attention over the past few weeks. Helk, now back from his vacation, is moving full force to get this new dynamic in the game for the next update on June 7th.

    As you may recall, these additional elements in monuments around the map will create a new hierarchy in looting. As opposed to unlimited access to all doors and buildings like we have now, players will need various forms of access to get at certain loot.

    Here’s an example provided by Vincent in a previous dev blog:

    You just looted a Blue Access card from a common scientist NPC at a junkpile. This card grants you access to a building in the trainyard, but without electricity, the card reader on the wall won't work. You get electricity back on by replacing missing fuses in a fuse box with the one you found earlier along the road. Now the door is operational and grants you access to an office room. In this place, you find a decent amount of loot and an intriguing Red Access card...

    Check back over the next two weeks for more specifics as they get merged in.


    AI improvements

    Pal has done an overhaul on the AI sensory system. Aimed at improving the AI around the compound monument, he’s upgraded how NPC’s detect targets (fov, noise, guns, etc.) and added better control over tick rates across the board. In addition to these changes under the hood, he has also made it so Junkpile scientists are less hostile in general. As with the other works in progress, you can expect to see these changes go live on June 7th.

    Bandit town

    We’re also seeing progress on the next monument in the hopper: Bandit town. Although it will not go in with this next patch, Helk shared a little bit about what to expect.

    Ying to the compound monuments yang, Bandit town is set to be a more dangerous outpost, where the worst of the worst flock. This new monument may eventually have some kind of faction rating so only ‘bad’ people can go to Bandit town while only ‘good’ people can visit the compound.

    A bit more on Skydiving

    With Helk back, I made sure to ask him about the skydiving branch. He clarified this is some initial work towards a future parachute item, which will allow for bailing out of air vehicles. Nice!

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