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    New map size and more!


    Some shifts to maps this week along with progress on our favorite ongoing projects.

    Our update preview stream starts at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.

    Crash fix

    A small update was released yesterday which reverted some of the changes from the December update to resolve an issue where clients crashed on joining a server.


    New default map size

    As a result of the new ring roads on procedural landscapes, the default size of maps has increased this week to 4250 (up from 4000). As stated in the commits, this is to give monuments slightly more space to spawn in with the new ring road. That isn’t the only shift to maps...


    Other map changes

    In the wake of the updates and forced map wipes last week, it became clear certain map seeds had too few monuments. Along with increasing the default map size, roadside monuments can now spawn next to both main roads and side roads. Also, the large monuments have been giving spawn priority.

    Also, ring road was removed from maps smaller than 4k since it takes away too much space.

    All in all, this should make it so map seeds have a much better offering of monuments. Although this is still on a separate branch, I imagine this will be merged in prior to the update next month.


    Ocean level

    A new convar for admins has been added that will allow them to change the water height on the server. This could have some interesting uses for modding and custom maps. The cvar is ‘env.oceanlevel’ but won’t work quite yet as this is still on a separate branch.


    Farming2 work

    Things continue to take shape on the farming2 branch. Along with an entirely new sprinkler system to aid in keeping the crops watered, composting and fertilizer is being used in full effect. This week the option was added to remove a dying plant from a planterbox and receive plant mulch, which can be composted for a small amount of fertilizer.

    Also, an important fix: a typo making horses poo every 10 minutes. Interestingly enough, from that we can tell some animals will poop, and we will likely need to gather and use said poop to help our crops grow. 

    This new phase of farming may still be a way off. It’s clear already, this will drastically shift how players plant and grow crops in Rust.

    Vehicle progress

    The team continues to truck along on these modular vehicles. Bill has been doing some animation fixes, improving the speed of the exit handbrake system, adjusting player positions in seats, bumpers, initial work for the car lights, and a shitload of other things.

    Based on the commits, it appears the vehicles are really coming along and mostly functional. Although I doubt we’ll see them for the March 5th update, vehicles look like they’ll soon be live in Rust.

    Cinematic tools

    Good news for content creators: Jarryd is working on a slew of new cinematic tools. This is all still on a separate branch, so it’s unknown the full extent of what to expect. We’ll keep you posted as more comes to light.

    Other stuff

    A slew of other things are being worked on too. Here is a sampling of things of note:

    • Report dialog now closes when Esc is pressed

    • A fix for shotgun traps in caves

    • Added env.cloudrotation convar

    • Reduced hide poncho to 30 seconds craft

    • Fixed wooden sign medium and small placement issues

    • Renamed Wooden sign to Medium wooden sign for continuity

    • Fixed cargo ship sometimes spawning out of world bounds and immediately killing its scientists

    • New pine tree saplings and dead pine trees (on HDRP)

    • More foliage optimization

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