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    New monument and fixes


    12:00am EST - We’re at the halfway point for Rust development for the month and the team is cranking on fixes and new functionality.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    New monument in the works

    Some interesting things afoot in the monument realm as a flurry of commits hit the Trainyard_update branch. Along with the previously discussed connection to the above rail network, it appears the devs are cooking up a whole new way to cook up resources. 

    In what is likely to be a new monument entirely, work is progressing on an ore harvesting plant. It’s not clear exactly how this will work yet, but the commits discuss the ability for train wagons to be loaded with resources and unloaded at this plant. If you’d like a crack at naming this new monument, check out the tweet from Rust from the other day. We’ll keep you updated as more on this new monument comes to light.


    Misc fixes

    Some miscellaneous fixes are making their way in. Here is a summary of what was changed:

    • Can put photos in mailbox

    • Hide chat profile pictures in streamer mode

    • "ent kill" will show no gibs by default

    • "ent {upgrade/downgrade/setgrade} {grade} {radius}" command added

    • Manually specify mini & scrap heli starting fuel amounts

    • Default to port 28015 when using "connect hostname.com" (don't need port on end)

    Spas remake

    A new model for the Spas shotgun is in the works. You can check it out on Tom’s twitter.


    New reporting features

    Some fresh ways to report players and content are heading into the game. First, to the contacts screen, the ability to mute and report a player has been added. Also, there’s a new branch which is working on the ability to report offensive content via the F7 reporting system.

    Admin UI for content

    Related to the above, the first stages of a new admin panel has been added which allows server owners to review all the user generated content on the server from one place.

    Other stuff

    • Added the ability for server owners to load and unload harmony mods after start up with ‘harmony.load {name}’ and ‘harmony.unload {name}’

    • Redownload custom map if checksum doesn't match

    • Fixes for Hapis ore spawn issues

    • More work on server to server transfers (nexus)

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