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    Night Vision and Balance Update

    Update day is once again upon us and this month features a bunch of new items along with some significant shifts to the overall balance of the game.

    As usual, the update is expected around 2pm EST. Our update stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Night Vision Goggles added

    After dark activities have become easier with the latest headgear addition to Rust. The Night Vision Goggles amplify infrared light to illuminate nearby objects which would otherwise be invisible. Although they are great at picking up on objects in close proximity, they do little to shed light on distant details of your surroundings.

    As expected, you wear these bad boys on your head, and toggle them on and off with the ‘F’ key. They’ll last you 900 seconds (15 minutes) on a full charge and can be refilled at your local level 2 or 3 workbench. Similar to the scuba tank, you’ll lose a bit of max charge potential each time you refill.

    If you’re familiar with NVG, you’ll know they emit a bit of a glow visible to those around. The case is no different in Rust, where you can see green circles at the players eyes when they are turned on.

    The Goggles will afford you slight protection from the elements, but limit your ability to put any other type of helmet or headgear on (bandanas still work though). Not a default blueprint, they can be researched for 125 scrap then crafted with tech trash and high quality metal. Here are some more details and pictures:

    Crafting cost
    10 high quality metal
    2 tech trash

    Crafting time
    30 seconds

    Level 2 required

    Research cost
    125 scrap

    15 minutes

    Buy at Bandit Camp
    250 scrap


    700580_20200506125616_1.png 700580_20200506125614_1.png




    Monument bypass

    In a huge shift to balance and progression in the game, most - if not all - shortcuts which bypass monuments have been patched up and blocked this month. On top of that, the hackable crates on Oil Rigs now spawn behind red keycard doors. There’s also more SAM protection at the Launch Site and several other shifts to balance. 

    Here is a breakdown of what changes to expect at each monument.


    Large Oil Rig
    Hackable crate is now in the red keycard room and all keycard spawns have been removed

    Small Oil Rig
    Hackable crate is now in the red keycard room (which is behind a blue door)

    Harbor 1
    Green key card room windows have been covered by sheet metal, barrel spawns slightly increased and added small quantity of oil barrels

    Harbor 2
    Green key card room windows have been covered by sheet metal, barrel spawns slightly increased and added small quantity of oil barrels

    Power Plant
    Green Card area blocked off with sheet metal

    Train yard
    A metal grate was added to the top of the blue card room

    Water treatment plant
    Blue key card room has been blocked by sheet metal

    Launch Site
    More SAM sites and they can only be damaged by projectiles and explosives now

    Extra sentry at compound to cover dead spot near recycler

    More to come
    This isn’t all, the developers have mentioned a plan for dome

    CH47 drops on land again

    At long last, it appears as though the CH47 will be dropping crates on land once again. A counter balance to the shifts at Oil Rig, this change will once again provide access to hackable crates on land.

    Electric Heater

    A new way to keep warm inside your base is here! The Electric Heater uses electricity to produce warmth in a nearby radius (~1 foundation). Mounted exclusively on walls, the Heater provides comfort and has a power in (requires 3 power) plus a passthrough socket. Here are some more details:

    Crafting cost
    200 metal frags

    Crafting time
    30 seconds

    Level 1 required

    Research cost
    75 scrap


    Farming balance and additions

    A bunch of changes and fixes in the realm of farming this month. Specifically, sprinklers are more efficient and the growth / yield genes are more effective. Long and short: your shit will grow easier with less water required. Nice.

    Dynamics have been added to sprinklers to make you wet if you walk in them. They’ll also now put out fireballs and even beancan grenades (most of the time).

    In addition, the new vendors at Outpost are now stocked with farm supplies for scrap. Also, the Water Jug now holds 5000ml instead of 4000ml. And finally, 3 helpful new items were added...

    Water Pump

    We can finally automate the process of gathering water from the most abundant sources in Rust, oceans and rivers. Placed in shallow water, the Water Pump will gather water and send it off to whatever water entities you’d like - provided you’ve hooked up the power. It’ll provide 150ml / minute when running.

    Crafting cost
    500 wood
    200 metal frags

    Crafting time
    30 seconds

    Level 2 required

    Research cost
    75 scrap


    Production rate
    150ml / min

    Powered Water Purifier

    Gathering salt water? It’d sure be a pain in the ass to manually purify it with the current water purifier. Thankfully the devs have added a powered option, which will automatically turn saltwater into fresh water when the juice is flowing. The input and output storage is 5000ml.

    Crafting cost
    5 high quality metal
    15 metal frags
    20 cloth

    Crafting time
    30 seconds

    Level 2 required

    Research cost
    75 scrap


    for both input/output

    Fluid Combiner

    Have multiple sources of water which you’d like to combine? Never fear, the Fluid Combiner is here!

    Crafting cost
    5 high quality metal

    Crafting time
    30 seconds

    Research cost
    20 scrap

    Level 1 required

    New scope overlay

    Looking down a scope will appear a bit different after the update as Helk has updated the overlay.

    Cinematic Tools

    A bunch of helpful tools for content creators have been added this month. Here is a summary of what’s new (shout out to Patrick for sending me this info):

    Demo Recorder

    demo.recorder - Displays a demo recorder UI. Start typing a new demo name then hit Enter or click the record button.

    Use demo.recorder again during the recording to return focus to the UI. Enter key will stop the demo recording too. You can also hide the recorder UI by using demo.togglehud

    Demo Browser

    Some small adjustments to it:

    • Fixed browser incorrectly sorting and playing items

    • Added refresh button to force reload demos in list

    • Added delete confirmation dialogue box

    Demo Playback Tweak

    Using demo.play to play a demo recorded on a different map/seed will now load that demo without requiring demo.stop first.

    Camera Saves

    debugcamera_savetofile - Saves the camera position/state to a file in the ‘camsaves’ directory as a .cam text file.

    Overall it's useful if you want to transfer camera saves between computers or builds.

    These saves can be loaded using debugcamera_load as per normal, and debugcamera_list will show these saves under a new section called "Files".

    Player Seeds

    playerseed and shuffleplayerseed commands are now applied to corpses of the player.

    Deployable decay

    Building privilege is more important than ever after this update when it comes to certain deployable objects. Solar panels, chairs, large furnaces, water barrels, and sprinklers all lose their condition quicker if placed outside of building privilege.

    New splash screen

    You’ll notice a nifty new splash screen upon loading the game after the update.

    Vehicles coming?

    Nope, vehicles didn’t make it in this month. Alistair mentioned he might provide us with a preview soon though, so we’ll keep you posted!

    Companion app soon?

    A smart alarm has been added and it’ll apparently send notifications to your phone when set off. Will this be part of a companion mobile app? No official word from the developers yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

    Other stuff

    • A number of invalid issues have been resolved

    • Reduced the amount of times red keycard can be used

    • Minicopter decay time increased from 180 to 240 minutes

    • Added farming vending machine to Hapis Island map

    • Added hitnotify.headshot convar to toggle headshot sound fx

    • Server browser update fix

    • Battery drain fix

    • Placement fixes for Oil Refinery

    • Small scope entity material fix and icon update

    Content owned and published by Rustafied.com

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