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    Night Vision and Monument Bypass!

    With one week to go before the big update and forced wipe, the team is making some great progress on long term projects along with adding some new items in.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Night Vision Goggles added

    Seeing at night has become a bit more feasible with the addition of Night Vision Goggles. These work by projecting and amplifying infrared light. Although they don’t provide perfect vision at night - especially at distances - they do allow you to see your immediate surroundings much better than with the naked eye.

    Worn on your head (duh), these goggles can be toggled on and off with the ‘F’ key. By default, they last 900 seconds before running out of juice. To recharge them, simply bring to a nearby workbench level 2 or 3 and hit the ‘refill’ button in your tab menu. Similar to how the diving tank refills work, you’ll lose a bit of max charge each time you recharge the batteries.

    Note that you can’t wear any other type of head protection with the goggles on, but they do provide a slight bit of protection from weapons and the elements. Made of high quality metal and tech trash, these bad boys are 125 scrap to research and require a workbench level 2 to craft. Here are more details and some on / off comparison shots.

    Crafting cost
    10 high quality metal
    2 tech trash

    Crafting time
    30 seconds

    Research cost
    125 scrap

    Level 2 required

    Recycles for
    5 high quality metal
    1 tech trash


    700580_20200429173329_1.png 700580_20200429173254_1.png




    Monument bypass changes

    Some big balance shifts to progression are in as the monument bypass work has been merged with staging. Along with blocking many monument shortcuts with sheet metal, the hackable crate spawns on Oil Rig are now in the red keycard room. 

    Here is a (not necessarily complete) list of what we’ve noticed so far:

    Large Oil Rig
    Hackable crate now in red keycard room
    All keycard spawners removed

    Small Oil Rig
    Hackable crate now in red keycard room

    Harbor 1
    Green key card room windows have been covered by sheet metal

    Harbor 2
    Green key card room windows have been covered by sheet metal

    Power Plant
    Green Card area blocked off with sheet metal

    Train yard
    A metal grate was added to the top of the blue card room

    Water treatment plant
    Blue key card room has been blocked by sheet metal

    Launch Site
    More SAM sites
    SAM sites can only be damaged by projectiles and explosives now

    Extra sentry at compound to cover dead spot near recycler

    Farming changes

    After the significant shifts and additions to farming launched earlier this month, we’ve been seeing some tweaks to balance and the addition of several helpful new items over the past couple weeks. That work has been merged into staging so we can expect it all to go live with the update next Thursday.

    Along with sprinklers being more efficient, the growth and yield genes are now more effective. Fireballs also require less water from a sprinkler to be extinguished and they’ll put out Beancan grenades most of the time.

    Finally, several new items have been added to improve the lives of farmers all over Rust. Note: The values associated with these items may change prior to the update.

    Fluid Combiner

    Have multiple sources of fluid which need to go to the same place? Worry no more, the Fluid Combiner is here! It combines 3 sources of liquid into 1.

    Crafting cost
    5 high quality metal

    Crafting time
    30 seconds

    Research cost
    20 scrap

    Level 1 required

    Recycles for
    250 wood
    100 metal frags

    Water Pump

    Having to scoop buckets of water manually from the river or shoreline isn’t ideal. Thankfully, an automated option has been added! Simply place a Water Pump near a body of water, add power, then hook up to your other water entities.

    Crafting cost
    500 wood
    200 metal frags

    Crafting time
    2 minutes

    Research cost
    75 scrap

    Level 2 required

    Recycles for
    250 wood
    100 metal frags

    Powered Water Purifier

    Pumping water from the ocean? You’ll want to remove the salt, and wouldn’t you know it, now you can! The Powered Water Purifier will turn saltwater into fresh water as long as power is running to it. Final textures pending.

    Crafting cost
    5 high quality metal
    15 metal frags
    20 cloth

    Crafting time
    30 seconds



    Research cost
    500 scrap

    Oil Refinery fixes

    The Oil Refinery has recieved some tweaks and fixes this week. Along with fixes for excessive bounds and socket mismatches, some placement issues in small spaces have been resolved. Also, the Oil Refinery can now be repaired.

    Electric Heater incoming

    Some artwork was completed this week for a new Electric Heater. Although it’s not implemented yet and we don’t have any visuals, we can venture to imagine this device will keep you warm when power is running to it. More on this as more work is completed.

    Mixing table. What is it?

    More work this week on the mixing table branch. Although the purpose of this is still unknown, many of the commits have been around berry plants, spawns, and colors. What will this mixing table do? How could that involve berries?

    I reached out and asked but Adam wasn’t ready to tell what its purpose will be. He did, however, rule out the idea of it being for dying clothes. More on this at it becomes clear.

    Other stuff

    • Some model updates to animals

    • Voice props branch progress

    • Vehicles branch progress

    • HDRP work

    • Console branch work

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