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    Oil Rig Ho!

    12:00am EST - Update day is upon us and the team at Facepunch has some great stuff in store for us this month. We’ve got a new monument, heavy scientists with fresh AI, shifts to the Chinook event, water effects, optimizations, and more!

    As with all updates, there is no set time for this patch to go live. Once it does, however, there will be a forced map wipe on all servers (no sign of a forced BP wipe).

    Our update stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Small Oil Rig added

    A new source of loot and action has arrived in the form of an offshore monument. This Oil Rig features puzzles, Scientist NPCs, loot, a recycler, and fresh PvP opportunities. Although there are actually two Oil Rigs in the works - one large, one small - we’ll only be seeing the small version in this update as a lot of focus went into reworking the AI (see more on that below).

    Accessible by boat or Minicopter, this monument spawns in the depths of the ocean, far from the main island of Rust (out of view of the in game map even). The Small Oil Rig features a green and blue/red puzzle, several levels to explore, 10 or so blue Scientist NPC’s, and one main point of ingress from the water.

    Upon arriving via boat, work your way up two levels of stairs to reach the main complex. From there, explore around the three levels of loot and scientists by following the green strips and arrow indications found on the floor. After you wrap around a couple times, you’ll reach the top deck with a helipad. Alternatively, just fly a Minicopter in and land on the helipad.

    Puzzle solutions
    There are two puzzles on the Small Oil Rig: A green and a blue / red. If you have the cards, they are pretty easy to solve given there aren’t any fuses required at the moment.

    Puzzle #1
    The first puzzle is a small room on the second level (labeled D2).


    Swipe your green card at the door.


    Grab the 3 crates of loot inside.


    Puzzle #2
    The second puzzle is found on the top deck of the Small Oil Rig right next to the stairs for the helipad.


    Swipe your blue card at the first door.

    Swipe a red card at the door to find an elite crate.

    Recycler location
    There is a recylcer on the Small Oil Rig. You can find it on the second story, right next to the first green puzzle.



    Chinook event rework

    The Chinook event has been completely reworked with this update - and is significantly more challenging. No longer does the CH47 simply spawn offshore, travel to monuments, and drop a timed crate.

    Instead, the Chinook will drop a timed crate on the top deck of the Small Oil Rig around 30 minutes after the last player leaves. Once a player starts unlocking the crate, the Chinook swoops in to drop off the newest type of NPC, the Heavy Scientists.

    Quickly touching down, the Chinook unloads 5 of these imposing adversaries, keen on getting between you and your loot.


    Heavy Scientists

    As mentioned above, a new type of NPC has arrived. The Heavy Scientist is a stronger version of the blue Scientist NPC we’re all used to. These beefy bastards are a bit harder to kill (about 5 headshots from an AK), however, they drop some quality loot. Sporting Spas shotguns or M249’s, they currently only appear on the Small Oil Rig during the Chinook server event.

    Example Loot
    Up to 5 items drop per scientist

    Bolt Action Rifle
    Assault Rifle
    Double Barrel Shotgun
    Semi Auto Rifle
    2 F1 Grenades
    24 High Quality Metal
    30 Pistol Bullets
    Weapon attachments

    Rifle Body
    Semi Auto Body
    5 Shotgun Shells
    Targeting Computer
    CCTV Camera
    3 Tech Trash
    5 Pipes
    Armored Double Door


    Human AI rework

    Helk is undertaking the arduous task of reworking the AI systems in the game. Starting with the human NPC’s, he’s rebuilding the behaviors from the ground up. This will not only improve overall actions of NPC’s, it’ll hopefully lower the processing required for them to function, thus improving performance. A system as complex as this is no easy task to undertake, so expect shifts, tweaks, and improvements over the coming weeks and months.


    New water

    Accompanying the new water-based monuments, some fresh effects have been added to water in Rust. Specifically, waves are now present in the open sea, which shifts the way boats travel and junk piles sway. There’s also been some new wakes, white caps, and foam effects thrown into the mix, overall making water much more dynamic and interesting to look at.

    Hapis changes

    Our favorite non-procedurally generated map has gotten some love this update. Mainly, the Oil Rig monuments have been added.


    With all these new additions, the importance of performance has not been lost on the team at Facepunch. This month we’ve seen various tweaks and changes to underlying components of the game with the intention of cleaning up code and improving optimization. Build times for the server and client files has also been halved to about 40 minutes, lowering the time which last minute commits delay patches.

    Expect more details on this in the devblog, but long and short, performance will hopefully be even better after the update.

    Introducing: Rustafied - SEA Main

    I’m proud to announce, due to popular demand, we have opened a server in a new region: South East Asia! Rustafied SEA Main is hosted in Singapore and features 300 players, weekly map wipes (on Thursday), and a 4k map. You can find it now on the official list (but expect a full wipe when the update goes live).

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