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    One week until update!

    With one week till the big Industrial update, the team is trucking on tweaks, fixes, and functionality.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.

    Industrial System next week

    In preparation for launch on February 2nd, the Industrial System is getting a bunch of finishing touches. If you’re not aware, the Industrial System is a group of new items which allow players and groups to automate a variety of tasks in their base including organization, crafting, smelting, and more!

    This week we’ve seen a bunch of additional things added such as sounds, new researchable items, crafting cost adjustments, tech tree set up, and much more. Overall, it’s looking like Industrial is almost set for its big debut next week!

    For more information on the Industrial system, check out our article from earlier in the month.

    New flying vehicle

    A new player-controlled flying vehicle is in the works! The attack helicopter, in progress on its own branch, appears to be a new upcoming air vehicle with some offensive capability. No visuals or specifics yet, but word on the street is it’ll be like an upgraded minicopter with ski’s instead of wheels, and some type of weaponry. 

    We’ll post visuals and more details as soon as we have them.

    Misc. fixes

    There are a number of miscellaneous fixes to the game set to go live next week. Here is a summary:

    • Updated deploy effect for trophy item to better match visual material

    • Added colliders on powerline tarps - prevents dropped items being hidden

    • Add item filter on quarry fuel storage to only accept diesel

    • Fix small sign deployment not working on all walls

    • Huge wooden sign will deploy on all sides of walls too

    • Fixed hold-to-dismount being active on blackjack.

    • Fixed Windmill IO connections not working when close up

    • Fix for dryfire sound looping on p17 & SAP

    • Fixed kicking a player via the admin UI not sending the supplied kick reason

    • Fixed admin UI not working after being disconnected from a server while the UI was open

    Other stuff

    • Redesign to compound in progress with cobblestone roads

    • Work on the new weapon rack continues

    • Some tweaks to pistol animations

    • More work on multithreaded networking

    • Fixed Fireplace cooking speed

    • fixed Windmill IO connections don't work when close up

    Server owners note

    If you run your own server, please note there is an important change required to ports as of the update next week:

    With the upcoming update, you must ensure your server has a dedicated game port and query port set.


    These can no longer share the same port. 

    Example of a good config:
    server.port 28015
    server.queryport 28016


    server.port 28016
    server.queryport 28015

    Example of a bad config

    server.port 28015
    server.queryport 28015

    By default, if server.queryport is not set, the server will use the port above the game port as the query port. This is related to the upcoming network multithreading and not swnet.

    This information may change between now and release, I’ll update this if it does.

    The queryport and the rcon port should be able to share the same port. 

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