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    Optimizations and more!


    12:00am EST - With two weeks to go before the update, we’re seeing forward progress on the Oil Rig monument, the Minicoptor, new water dynamics, and best of all, performance improvements!

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Performance improvements

    Helk and team have been working on optimizations for both clients and servers. Among other things, they’ve identified improvements through having turrets use triggers instead of overlapping spheres and tweaking Hot Air Balloons to go to sleep properly. Also, an EAC log file has been set to clear on each server start as it was growing to a very large size on popular servers which could have been a potential source of poor performance.

    Overall, Helk told me this could see improvements of 30% or more on server performance!

    It’s not just servers seeing improvements - Andre has been playing with different things on the client end to help enhance player performance. Although it’s hard to know the full extent of these optimizations till they’re launched and running on a full server, I’m grateful the devs are working on performance and can’t wait to see this in action.

    Minicoptor work

    The newest vehicle to grace the skies of Rust has gotten some more work completed on it this week. The Minicoptor, although still on a separate branch, appears to be coming along nicely. It appears there is a good chance it’ll make it in the next update on February 7th. Stay tuned over the next two weeks for more information on this exciting new addition.

    Oil Rig progress

    The new water-based monument is receiving some finishing touches this week. The Oil Rig monument now has loot spawns, AI Scientists, and even an electric puzzle. Still on a separate branch, specifics on these items are still unknown. As always, provide the full rundown once this new monument is merged to the staging branch.

    Water 4

    Work continues on a branch by the name of ‘water4.’ Although we haven’t seen any examples of these changes first hand, commits allude to the addition of wakes for boats, disturbance foam, and maybe even some new types of waves. No word on if this’ll make its way into the February update, but we’ll keep you posted.

    Other stuff

    • Updates to lighting on Compound and Military Tunnels

    • EAC SDK update

    • Pressure pad is able to be picked up

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