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    Oxygen, sub storage, and crawl nerf


    12:00am EST - With just one week till the big update, the team is trucking on with some changes, balance, and new functionality.

    Our update preview stream starts at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Submarine oxygen

    Some time limitations to underwater travel are on the horizon as the team is implementing oxygen to the new submarines. Added to staging this week, there is now an oxygen tank for each sub which provides the occupants with a certain amount of air per dive (around 8 minutes). If you stay underwater too long, you’ll lose all oxygen reserves and need to surface to refill — or die.

    It also looks like players will be able to spend extended times underwater by utilizing a diving tank while exploring in the sub. Once the sub oxygen supply runs out, it’ll start pulling from the diving tank supply. As a player, you’ll be able to monitor your oxygen supply via some new UI elements.


    Submarine storage

    Along with the oxygen changes, storage has been added to each sub. Accessible while sitting in either sub, storage of 12 items has been added to both the solo and duo submarines. To compliment the new storage, interior lighting has been boosted in the subs to allow people to actually see while looking around.


    Crawling nerf

    In the realm of small yet significant changes, wounded crawling has received a sizable nerf this week. Health of a crawling wounded player has been reduced by 75%. Making them much more susceptible to death and immobility, crawling players will have a harder time surviving once this change goes live with the update next week.



    Changes to the map are taking place on the ‘save216’ branch. As we normally see prior to an update, the ‘save’ branch is where the team focuses their changes to procedural map generation. 

    Most changes this month appear to be related to the underwater labs. Specifically, there will now be about half as many on the map (a goal of 3 for a default size seed) but they will generally be larger overall. Also, blue and red keycard spawns have been removed, making puzzle access a bit trickier than before. Finally, the lab dweller NPC’s will now always spawn around puzzle rooms. 

    Expect these changes to go live with the forced map wipe and update next week.


    Desert military base

    Work continues on the newest monument due to hit Rust in the near(ish) future. To be located in the desert, this military base will likely feature all the normal monument activities (NPC’s, loot, rads, etc.) while also including a new MLRS (or multiple rocket launch system).

    Still on a separate branch, we’ve yet to receive any visuals or solid details on this new monument. That said, work continued this week on various models, textures, and prefabs related to this military-themed monument.

    Given we’re one week from the big update, it seems unlikely this monument will be ready for prime time next week. 

    Other stuff

    • More work on the camper module (still on separate branch)

    • Torpedoes are a bit faster now

    • Work being done on extra cinematic lights for content creators

    • Hapis conversion work continues (not expected to go live in September)

    • Added "Tools/Scene/Teleport Local Player To Scene Selection" to teleport your player to your scene selection in the world

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