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    QoL and Arctic content


    1:00pm EST - Our update preview stream is live! twitch.tv/rustafied

    12:00am EST - Another week in Rust development and we’re seeing a bunch of arctic work along with more general quality of life.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.


    Trying out a new format

    We’re trying out a new format for our weekly posts. Instead of a whole bunch of written text, we’re going to do a short summary video (by ThatGermanGuy) of what’s happened in development during the week. We’ll also add a more simplified text summary below the video.

    As for our monthly update posts (every first Thursday), those will stay the same -- full text writeup and summary video from Puddy. This is a trial, if it sucks I’ll switch back. 

    Summary video


    Spray Can added

    A new addition to staging this week, the Spray Can has been added. It allows you to tag up walls and other surfaces. You can switch up colors by holding ‘r’ and change size by holding ‘e’. There’s also decals which can be inserted into the can to spray a specific pattern (currently the only decal is a Rust logo).

    You can use water to wash away any paint (bucket, water gun, etc) and also reskin deployed objects with right click. Crafting costs appear to be placeholders and some things with it are pretty janky. As it stands, this appears to still be a work in progress. We’ll keep you posted as more comes to light.

    View fullsize 700580_20220113121705_1.png
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    View fullsize 700580_20220113125613_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20220113125559_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20220113121447_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20220113121433_1.png


    Development summary

    Quality of life
    Some big general quality of life stuff is expected for the February update. Here are some of the main changes / improvements:

    • Added a map marker for the patrol helicopter

    • Added 4 extra inventory slots to the tool cupboard that will only accept the hammer, planner, toolgun, wire tool and hose tool

    • When looting a player that is incapacitated, if the player dies (eg from a kill command) the player will automatically start looting the corpse

    • Improved skin selection UI on repair bench

    • Show wounded teammates as orange in the Team UI

    • Show a down arrow next to a teammate that is downed as well as changing the colour

    • Native support for an auto walk, and toggle ducking bindings

    • Dismounting mobile objects now requires a 0.5s hold (cars,helicopter, submarines, etc). Static mountables will still dismount immediately (chairs, sofas, etc). Added global.vehicleDismountHoldTime to control how long the hold takes (defaults to 0.5s)

    • First pass on a popup showing what resources are missing when repairing an entity with the hammer

    • Add No Ammo, Low Ammo and Has Target outputs to the SAM site. Low ammo is triggered when less than 10 rockets remain

    • Show how much scrap is in the players inventory on the tech tree UI. Show how much scrap is required to unlock the given item, including the cost of any locked items further up the tree

    • UI for muting/unmuting players

    • Pattern boomer shells will no longer display user made patterns when censor signs is set to true (shows a random burst instead)

    • Resave map view prefab, seems to fix death icons sitting in front of sleeping bag markers (this was weird, will need to check in build)

    • Added a warning if the selected item is already researched at the research table

    • Added a keybind to trigger the focus map button on the map screen (unset by default)

    • Fixed missing player id on report screen. Can no longer report a specific player more than once every three minutes

    • Potentially fixed XOR switches sending a brief burst of energy during server restarts

    More work on these new arctic-based vehicles.

    Arctic bases
    Continued progress on the new Arctic Bases. From the looks of it, these will be some type of monument(s) which likely only spawn in the arctic.

    Polar bear
    In line with the other ‘arctic’ stuff, a new winter foe is being worked on: the polar bear.

    Hapis conversion
    More work on getting Hapis ready for prime-time. No word exactly when that’ll be yet.

    Server to server transfer
    Continued work on the server to server transfer via boat mechanics. Not expected for another couple months. 

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