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    QoL and other progress


    12:00am EST - Another week in Rust development and we’re seeing a bunch of quality of life changes along with further progress on new functionality.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Camper progress

    After its addition to staging last week, the newest vehicle module, the camper, is receiving some tweaks and features. Most notably, a small storage box (12 item slots) has been added to the floor of the camper.

    With regards to seating, they’ve added a clear bed option when sitting in a camper seat which is claimed by someone else. You can also no longer rename or give a camper bag to a friend unless you own that bed. Finally, the camper overhead lights are now enabled if the car’s headlights are on.

    As you may recall, the camper is a two socket vehicle module which allows for up to 4 people to respawn, has 3 locker loadouts, and a barbecue. We’ll keep you posted as this module gets closer to hitting the prime time in October.


    Quality of life

    A primary focus this month, quality of life continues this week with a slew of new miscellaneous adjustments. Given they are kind of all over the place, I’ll just list out a summary of what's been accomplished this week. As of writing, most of these changes should be live on the staging AUX branch.

    • Require TC auth to pick up signs

    • More aggressively slow down a spinning boat once it faces upwards

    • Right clicking scrap while using a research table will put the scrap into the scrap slot, not the item slot

    • Right clicking a pumpkin won't equip it as clothing (can still drag it to the clothing bar manually)

    • Adjusted ceiling light entity bounds so it can be repaired/attacked from below more reliably

    • Worms and grubs now go to the bag rather than the hotbar by default

    • Show an icon on a sign in the inventory that has stored data

    • Signs, picture frames and neon signs can be stacked up to 5. Can't stack if they have saved data

    • Can now see the painting on a sign when it's selected in the inventory

    • Added a tip to explain how to disable snapping when placing planters

    • F4 and F9 keys are no longer hardcoded to normal/hi res screenshots 

    • Added new screenshots.takescreenshot and screenshots.takehiresscreenshot convars (could bind these to convars to achieve old behaviour)

    • Lowered volume of background static on audio playing voice props by 25%

    • Background static now changes volume with the voice props dlc audio slider

    • Fixed text/icons getting pooled incorrectly on repair bench skin search filter

    • Increased spot light in sign painting screen angle (50->100) so large paintable surfaces like banners and huge signs are fully lit when being painted

    • The sign painting editor will now remember the last camera rotation when opening another sign

    Server admin QoL

    On top of the player quality of life changes, the team is implementing some nice QoL shifts for server owners. Specifically, a server manager tab has been added to the F1 menu. To be used by server admins, this tab lists all players, basic server info, and all server convars. From this page admins will be able to kick / ban players along with change server convars.

    This is still a work in progress but we’ll keep you posted as more info comes to light.


    Other stuff

    • Fix radios connecting to the default rust radio even if they were set to an internet stream if a player loads in range of them

    • Fixed missing missing mesh assignments in WorldModelOutline scripts causing no outline glow on the following: m249, camera, boom box, bow, paddle

    • Fixed server restart (save and load) choosing a random Cargo Ship variation, meaning a 50% chance that the cargo ship on the server wouldn't match the client. Cargo ship now loads with the layout that it had when saved


    Rustafied server shifts

    As part of our project to improve player quality of life, we recently launched a new poll system on our Discord. With a couple questions a month, this system aims at gauging what the community would like and how we can improve. The first polls have completed and result in the following change:

    • Trio servers will decrease map size from 4500 to 4250

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