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    QoL continues


    12:00am EST - With two weeks to go before the big update, the team continues on quality of life and future features. 

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    General quality of life

    A main focal point of development this month, general quality of life work continues this week with a slew of miscellaneous shifts and improvements. As with previous weeks, this work covers a wide variety of areas in the game, all aimed at improving players' lives. Here is a summary of the QoL changes from this week:

    • Show team members first in sleeping bag and auto turret assign UI's (if a team mate isn't a steam friend they will not appear in this list)

    • Don't show steam id's on sleeping bag/auto turret friend screen when in streamer mode (report dialog is unchanged and will always show steam id's)

    • Fixed report players dialogue not working

    • Don't show sign content in inventory if signs are being censored (still show icon to show it has content and can't be stacked)

    • Show the name of a skull being purchased in the vending machine purchase panel

    • Added the picture icon on signs that are being sold via vending machines in the purchase UI

    • Hovering over the picture icon will show a thumbnail of the sign

    • Only one sign can be sold at a time

    • Show server uptime as a formatted time span

    • Adjust ADS sensitivity tooltip wording

    • Auto turret name checks

    • Better refresh icons in admin UI

    • Player search filter now works with steam ids (will match against actual steam ID or owner steam ID)

    • Added a button next to the id fields to copy the ID


    Map shifts

    Working on a new branch this week, the team has started this month's tweaks to procedural map generation. Committed to the ‘save217’ branch, the main change we’re seeing so far is a fix for some terrain issues caused by roadside monuments spawning too close to other monuments. By adding a small minimum distance, the monuments should have a little more space to breath now.


    Desert Military Base progress

    Work continues on the newest upcoming monument in Rust. The Desert Military Base, which will apparently feature a new, rocket firing vehicle, is getting some love in the form of textures, models, and prefabs. No visuals on this quite yet, and we’re not sure exactly how the MLRS is going to function, but we’ll keep you posted as more comes to light.

    Other stuff

    • New ServerVar 'cargoshipevent' starts the cargo ship event

    • Fixed bad grammar

    • Better fix for players getting stuck in dance after respawning

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