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    QoL, improvements, and more!


    12:00am EST - Another week in Rust development and we’re seeing a ton of fixes and improvements along with work on new features.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Next round of Twitch drops

    The next round of Twitch drops for this month goes live Today at 2pm EST / 7pm BST. If you haven’t already, head to the Facepunch Twitch page to make sure your accounts are hooked up and to see who’s live with some tasty new drops.


    Radio stream improvements

    We’re seeing a slew of improvements to the whole internet radio stream dynamic which came with the Voice Props DLC. Specifically, there’s been a number of tweaks to audio stream buffering where the audio won’t actually start playing until enough of the data has downloaded (instead of just waiting a set amount of time like previously was the case). 

    They’ve also simplified the syncing of connected speakers so they’ll now use the boom box data rather than keeping a copy of the stream on each speaker and set the data download to stop if enough has been buffered.

    Overall these changes should make playing internet audio streams over boom boxes and speakers much more smooth and reliable. Expect these changes to go live with the August 5th update.


    Miscellaneous improvements

    Some various different quality of life improvements have been merged into the main staging branch this week. Here is a summary of the key points:

    • Deluxe xmas lights now have a passthrough to be in line with other lighting

    • CCTV blur has been toned down

    • Small sign can now be placed on deployables and at 90 degree angles

    View fullsize 700580_20210714205314_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20210714205335_1.png


    Voice Props changes

    Managing phone numbers will soon be much easier as copy and paste functionality has been worked in. Players can now press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste the current phone number while in the dialing UI. Also, there is a new button to copy the current phone numbers to the clipboard.

    Also, not related to phone numbers but also on the same branch, gestures are now cancelled if a player changes the equipped item.

    Similar to the above, these changes are expected to make it in for the August 5th update.


    Underwater progress

    There is a ton of progress being made on the submarine and underwater laboratory body of work. Along with finalizing the module meshes, LODs, colliders, and prefab instances for the underwater labs, the team has improved the physics of the subs moving through water to reduce jitter and movement issues being experienced while traveling in a sub.

    In addition to this, the team has increased the submarine throttle and max speed along with setting up some decay metrics for subs. As it stands, submarine decay will behave similar to boats, but with slightly longer times:

    • Indoors: No decay.

    • Outdoors: 240 minutes (rowboat = 180)

    • Deep water: 180 minutes (rowboat = 120)

    Oh, and it looks like sharks will be added to all of this stuff too!

    Although a ton of work is being completed on this project, it doesn’t look like these subs and underwater labs will make it in for the August update. As always, we’ll keep you posted as more information comes to light.


    Electrical quality of life

    Some great quality of life improvements are coming down the pike for all the Rust electricians out there. Specifically, you can right click while placing an electrical cable to remove the last placed point or hold the right mouse button to clear the whole line. 

    Also, players can left click on an occupied IO slot to ‘solo’ that connection which then only shows the animated guidelines on that wire. Once you’re in the solo state, you can move around freely and left click to cancel the effect and highlight all wires as normal. Note: this only works if you are authed on the tool cupboard.

    Finally, the debug generator now has two more electrical outputs and the power output has increased from 100 to 600 -- making them much more versatile for testing purposes. 

    These changes, although still on a separate branch as of writing this, will likely go live with the August update.

    Other stuff

    • Fixed Potatoes and Berries plants flagging the player as hostile when hit

    • Removed Yaarana radio station

    • Swamp a,b,c now uses the same Fog FX that is used at the bandit camp - no longer lit at night from 400m

    • Reworked lighting in all train tunnel entrance bunker modules to fix wall bleed and other issues

    • Work on some new bypass tunnels for the tunnel system

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