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    QOL tweaks, additions, and more!


    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    2:30am EST - A rather slow week in Rust development and we’re seeing improvements to AI, tweaks to food, QOL additions that can be displayed. However, many larger changes are still not on staging to test before the monthly forced update week!

    QOL Additions

    Alistair has added the ability to place deployables on the repair bench. You are now also able to place a small box underneath the BBQ.


    AI Improvements

    Some more forward facing AI tweaks this week include bandit guards taking action if a player is sleeping too long or if a smoke grenade is deployed.

    Food and Health tweaks

    Corn and pumpkin growth time has increased now that they are complete when you pick them. They can be stacked to 20 in your inventory including your hot bar for some pumpkin spam healing! With that in mind though, health over time takes much longer to convert to actual health. At this time we cannot display this effect until it is merged into staging. Stay tuned!


    Other stuff

    • Snow jacket name fix
    • Graphical effect tweaks
    • Tons of work on Cargo Ship event
    • Lots of additional upcoming work on AI
    • More work on L96 8x military-grade sniper
    • Tweaked cover points at MT
    • Tweaked spawn points at MT
    • Experimenting with Scientists using thrown weapons

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