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    Quality of Life!


    12:00am EST - December is here, and with it, an absolutely huge quality of life update! This post (and the ancillary doc) summarize everything you need to know about the changes coming.

    The update (and forced wipe) is expected to hit at normal time, 2pm EST (7pm GMT). Our update stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.



    Last month, the team at Facepunch asked the community what changed they'd like to see in the game. Then, they started rocking on a metric fuckton of various balance, fixes, changes, improvements, and more!

    This article summarizes the main, game-changing shifts coming with the update today. Given the sheer quantity of changes, we have created an ancillary Google Doc which covers every line item of changes, separated into the same categories of the article.



    First we’ll get into shifts to loot, events, and storage - all impacting how quickly players progress after a wipe.

    • There will now be only 1 larger underwater lab per map (down from 3)

    • The reset timers on Oilrigs has been increased

    • The Cargoship event will happen less often

    • Tweaks to heli loot (less chance of getting low tier weapons, no more chance of 1 low-end attachment or single laptop/cctv)

    • Removed stone spear from elite / hackable crates

    • Quarries and pumpjacks run on Diesel (more on that below)

    • Storage increases to hot air balloon (12 to 18), boat (12 to 18), RHIB (30 to 36), and Sub (12 to 18)

    See full list of changes here.



    Next, some significant changes to slow down and shift how raiding works.

    • Armored door & double door hp buffed from 800 to 1000

    • External walls and gates now have debris blockers which prevent spamming down new items (last for 120 seconds and have 300 health - so can be destroyed sooner with a jackhammer)

    • Despawn time of many items upped to 60 minutes

    • Fixed some exploits where people could hit weak spots

    See full list of changes here.


    General QoL

    There have been a slew of improvements with interactions, placement, crafting and more.

    • Display a UI alert when server events happen (cargo ship, attack heli, etc.)

    • Show "X days" of upkeep after 72 hours (rather than > 72 hrs)

    • Allow rotation of roofs blocks before placement

    • External walls and gates can now be rotated 90° instead of 180° before deployment

    • Updated T3 workbench deploy guide (now uses complete model)

    • Updated stone gate deploy guide (now includes rotated doors to indicate open direction)

    • Removed condition from most electrical entities so they stack easily when picked up (doesn't apply to batteries, solar panels, windmills, turrets, etc)

    • Garage door no longer requires a hammer to be equipped to be picked up, still requires building auth and lock removed (in line with other doors)

    • Reduced the crafting time for all grenades and embrasures

    • Rowboat now dismounts the player if it's inverted, even if not clipping into anything. Don't allow initially mounting a boat if it's flipped

    See full list of changes here.



    The team has also fixed a ton of miscellaneous things.

    • Fixed patrol heli getting stuck in fishing village on certain seeds

    • Patrol heli & Ch47 won't patrol randomly to safe zone monuments

    • Fix doorways, door frames & windows snapping to the floor rather than the top of walls when building jump ups. Also allows floors to connect to the middle of the above blocks (but provide no stability)

    • Fix right clicking into repair bench not swapping items

    • Fixed gap allowing LOS access in coaling tower exit corridor

    • Fix button so it passes through full power for 0.5s when connected in passthrough mode

    • Fixed getting stuck on the top of netting placed in wall frames

    • Fixed player name label not showing when obscured by snowman headwear, pumpkin headwear, nomad suit backpack, arctic suit backpack etc

    • Fixed deploy offset of press button so it can be placed near the floor

    • Fix streamed radio audio looping incorrectly if the players performance drops below 10fps

    • Fixed UI resolution scaling so it's readable at 4k

    • Fixed shopfront exploit & it being a little broke

    See full list of changes here.


    Code lock cars

    A couple changes warrant their own section. First of which is: key locks on cars have been replaced by code locks. That’s right! You can code lock modular vehicles at vehicle lifts! Simply bring the car to the lift, add a lock (still the same price, 75 frags), and set the code. Players are whitelisted once the code is set so they don’t have to enter it multiple times.

    If you want to break into a locked car, you can do so by getting the chassis health down to 20% to trigger a break lock command. You can also, if so inclined, push the car to a vehicle lift (but keep in mind pushing is disabled in safe zones). There are no guest codes as of yet, but it’s possible such a thing could be added in the future.


    Quarries / pumpjacks now use diesel

    Another big deal, quarries and pumpjacks now run on diesel fuel. With that, the outputs have been tweaked and more diesel loot drops have been added to water treatment plant, power plant, military tunnels, junkyard, and airfield. With this, mining quarries will give items over time rather than dump them all at once.

    Here are some initial values based on commits (keep in mind, this is subject to change):


    1 diesel consumed in
    40 min

    Yield per diesel (pick 1)
    50 HQM
    5k stone & 1k metal ore
    1k sulfur ore


    1 diesel consumed in
    15 min

    Yield per diesel
    60 crude & 170 low grade fuel


    Slug nerf

    Another biggie, slugs have been nerfed (especially at range). Here are the details:

    • Shotgun slug now does 50% damage at 40 meters (was 75% damage at 80+ meters before)

    • Shotgun slug does 100% damage at 0-20 meters (was 0-10 meters)


    Caboose at Outpost

    Been craving some Blackjack but not comfortable without the protection of a safezone? Fear no more! A Caboose has been added to the Outpost, allowing players to play Blackjack, poker, and slots, all with no worries of getting mugged.


    Rust turns 9!

    December 11th marks Rust's 9th birthday! Join servers the day of for a special event where you spawn with cake and party hats and will find balloons in loot around the server. A huge thank you to Facepunch for continually developing this amazing game over the years!


    Other stuff

    • Burst module added for MP5 and LR-300. “m” is the default key to switch fire mode

    • Lots of work on the Xmas event (coming mid-December)

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