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    Quality of Life, woah!


    12:00am EST - Happy Turkey Day to you all! The team is cranking on some significant quality of life changes for the December 1st update and forced wipe. 

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST (might be a short one today, I have turkey to eat!). Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.


    Holy QoL!

    The other week Facepunch asked the community for changes they’d like to see in the game. Now, they are absolutely cranking on QoL updates to the game. Here is a list of the various changes we’re seeing so far. We’ll be back next week with some more details.


    Progression balance

    • Reduced underwater labs on the map from 3 to 1

    • Increased Oilrigs reset timers

    • Cargoship events less frequent

    • Heli crate loot tweaks:

      • Removed single MLRS rocket, now has a chance to spawn within the rocket ammo collection instead

      • Removed chance of 1 low-end attachment loot spawn

      • Reduced the chance of lower tier weapon spawns

      • Removed the chance of getting a single laptop/cctv, adjusted loot chances

    • Removed stone spear from elite/hackablee crates

    • Initial pass on switching quarries and pumpjacks to diesel fuel, adjusted output and production rates - all values subject to change

    • Storage increases

      • Hot Air Balloon storage increase 12 -> 18

      • Boat storage increase 12 -> 18

      • RHIB storage increase 30 -> 36

      • Submarine storage increase 12 -> 18



    • Armored door & double door hp buffed from 800 to 1000

    • Initial pass on external wall and gate debris blockers - prevents spamming down new external walls/gates during raids (also applied to Ice Walls) 

      • External wall debris despawn time is 120s instead of debrisdespawn convar (DebrisDespawnOverride time added to DebrisEntity)

    • Despawn time of many items upped to 60 minutes

    • Fixed ability to hit wall in weakspot when a floor or stairs is in the way

    • Prevent hitting weakspot of the exposed side of a wall when a roof is attached to it (regressed when fixing wall weakspot being blocked by floors)


    General QoL

    • External walls and gates can now be rotated 90° instead of 180° before deployment

    • WIP replacing modular car key locks with code locks

    • Removed condition from most electrical entities so they stack easily when picked up (doesn't apply to batteries, solar panels, windmills, turrets, etc)

    • Garage door no longer requires a hammer to be equipped to be picked up, still requires building auth and lock removed - In line with other doors

    • Rowboat now dismounts the player if it's inverted, even if not clipping into anything. Don't allow initially mounting a boat if it's flipped

    • Allow rotation of roofs blocks before placement

    • Keep authorize UI open when authorizing players on a turret

    • Changed building blocked message to tell the player when they are trying to build on a building they don't own the TC on

    • Added new wire colors (light blue, orange, pink, purple, white)

    • Added ability to recolor existing wires in world by pressing "R" on input / output of wire, will apply selected color

    • Can right click armor into locker and have it go to first free row (will not go into a row if it conflicts with other armor in the row)

    • Show "X days" of upkeep after 72 hours (rather than > 72 hrs)

    • Add radial option to Harvest/Clone/Clear all plants in a planter. Will apply that action to all valid plants in the planter eg, if 2 out of 9 plants are harvestable using Harvest All will only affect those 2 plants. The option will only appear if at least one other plant in the planter is at the same stage as the plant being looked at

    • Add a different, slightly darker material to the Hemp ripe stage so it looks different to Fruiting

    • Made custom icons for each type of berry clone to better differentiate each color

    • The flashlight held entity can now be toggled on/off (uses light toggle key like light attachment)

    • Sam site can passthrough power (use it to detect destroyed sam sites not power multiple) 

    • Stone spear is cheaper to craft. Reduce stone spear crafting time

    • Removed chair static from Tunnel Dwelling E - Fixes chairs leaking to world origin

    • Miners hat now offers better protection values 



    • Fix doorways, door frames & windows snapping to the floor rather than the top of walls when building jump ups. Also allows floors to connect to the middle of the above blocks (but provide no stability)

    • Fix right clicking into repair bench not swapping items

    • Fix button so it passes through full power for 0.5s when connected in passthrough mode

    • Fix bouncing off wall frames when climbing up & down netting by adding "block player movement" colliderFix bouncing off wall frames when climbing up & down netting by adding "block player movement" collider

    • Fixed getting stuck on the top of netting placed in wall frames

    • Fixed player name label not showing when obscured by snowman headwear, pumpkin headwear, nomad suit backpack, arctic suit backpack etc

    • Fixed progress bar being stuck on output items when switching between large and small furnace

    • Fix crude oil having cooking icon stuck on when removed from refinery

    • Fixed baseball bat available in loot tables

    • Fixed deploy offset of press button so it can be placed near the floor

    • Fixed UI resolution scaling so it's readable at 4k


    Other stuff

    • More work on weapon racks - coming soon maybe?

    • Static caboose being added to Outpost (compound)

    • Work on Xmas 2022 event

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