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    Ring Road, ho!


    Update day has arrived, and with it some significant changes to map layout, turrets, and more! The patch is expected at the regular time (2pm EST / 7pm GMT).

    Our update stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Ring road is in

    The layout of procedural maps in Rust has shifted with the addition of ring road. Applied to any procgen map over 4k in size, the ring road is a 2 lane paved street which goes around the outskirts of each Rust island. Along the road you’ll find gas stations, spermkets, and warehouses.

    Jutting off to individual monuments, single lane paths branch out from the main road at various points. Also note: building is no longer allowed on the roads themselves.


    252490_20200205133222_1.png 252490_20200130110142_1.png





    Turret changes

    Some big shifts to base defense this month as the paradigm of turrets has completely changed. Auto Turrets are now less expensive and come empty, with no attached gun. Once crafted, you are able to put most any weapon in the turret for use - along with the required ammo.

    Not every weapon will be accepted into turrets though. Rockets, Multiple Grenade Launchers, Flame Throwers, and Crossbows don’t work. Eokas, M249s, Nail Guns, and most every other type of gun do work.

    Along with the ability to accept many types of weapons, these new turrets utilize any attachments such as flashlights, lasers, etc. That said, scopes do not appear to increase the attack range of the turret. As you’d expect, weapons take a loss to durability as they are used and broken weapons don’t function. If a turret is destroyed, the weapon and ammo drop to the ground.

    In terms of targeting, turrets will now aim at the portion of a player that is out of water if possible.

    Auto Turret


    Starting gun

    Time to craft
    60 seconds

    Level 2 required

    1 targeting computer
    1 cctv camera
    10 high quality metal

    Price at Outpost
    400 scrap


    252490_20200205165811_1.png 252490_20200205140716_1.png




    Life stats

    More information on each in game life is now available on the death screen. Tracking things like distance traveled, time spent at places, damage, accuracy, and more, this new UI element gives you an in depth look at what you accomplished during your last time alive. Here are the stats being recorded:

    • Time swimming

    • Time boating

    • Time flying

    • Each weapon shows: Shots fired, hits, and accuracy

    • Players, Scientists, and Animals killed

    • Headshots

    • Distance Walked

    • Distance Run

    • Damage Taken

    • Damage Healed

    • Time in Wilderness

    • Time in Monuments

    • Time in Base


    252490_20200205134940_1.png 252490_20200205134946_1.png





    Horse Armor buff

    Horse Armor has become a bit more advantageous this week as Helk reduced the cost of crafting and researching while increasing rider protection. Here is a summary of the new stats:

    Wooden Horse Armor


    Horse protection
    +25 %

    Rider protection
    +35 %
    (up 15%)

    Crafting time
    30 seconds
    (down 30 seconds)

    Crafting cost
    2 rope
    300 wood
    (down 300 wood)

    Level 1 required
    (none required before)

    Roadsign Horse Armor


    Horse protection
    +50 %

    Rider protection
    +50 %
    (up 10%)

    Crafting time
    30 seconds

    Research cost
    (might still change)

    Crafting cost
    4 road signs
    2 sewing kits
    (down 1 roadsign and 1 sewing kit)

    Level 1 required
    (down from lvl 2)


    Horse looting fix

    Players will no longer be able to snag free loot through walls by leaning certain ways while on horseback. The exploit allowing people to lean for loot has been resolved.

    Exploring status on steam

    In conjunction with life stats, the game now reports information to your friends through steam. Showing if you’re exploring the wilderness or a monument, your status automatically now updates based on what you’re doing in game.

    New hitbox system

    There is a new hitbox system in place this month. If you’re not aware, this is the underlying mechanism that tracks player hits and damage during combat. This new system offers performance improvements and should reduce freezes during pvp. Nice!


    Firework limiting

    After the addition of fireworks for Lunar New Year, some players tried to test the limits of just how many fireworks can be set off at once. Sure enough, those limits were reached, resulting in players crashing, disconnecting, or even temporary EAC bans.

    In response, Facepunch has limited the amount of fireworks that can be set off at once, hopefully preventing similar instances. 

    Other stuff

    • Sleeping bag decay time reduced to 36 hours

    • Tree minigame fixed again 🤞

    • Tweaks to minicopter and scrap transport spawns (to reduce clustering)

    • Config saved on exit of the game

    • Vehicles work

    • HDRP progress

    • Farming2 and Sprinkler work

    • Effect benchmarking being worked on

    • A new set of cinematic tools started on

    • New gun? Initial art added on the ‘Minigun’ branch

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