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    Rust Christmas is here!


    12:00am EST - Rust Christmas is here and will be showering Newmans with gifts from now through the new year!

    Our update stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Patch time: Today at 2pm EST / 7pm GMT

    To start all these festivities off, a mandatory client and server update is needed. Expect them both to hit at normal time, 2pm EST / 7pm GMT. This will not force a wipe and Rustafied servers will still wipe at their normal times throughout the day (5pm local time for each region).


    Gingerbread mines

    New for this Christmas season, Gingerbread mines are spawning around the map. With around 12 per normal size map, these gingerbread houses behave similar to the portals at Halloween. To enter a gingerbread mine, simply go up to one of the houses, enter the door on the outside then go through the door inside.

    Once teleported, you’ll find yourself in a small mine (dungeon) with some loot (see examples below) and enemies in the form of gingerbread people. With 2 to 6 per dungeon, the are armed with candy canes and the occasional MP5 and drop scientist loot with some additional Christmas goodies (small presents, snowball gun, snowballs). To exit the mine, just go back through the door you came through.


    View fullsize 700580_20221214103014_1.png View fullsize 700580_20221214103045_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221214110246_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221214110137_1.png



    Example loot from mines:


    • smg body

    • 2x small pres.

    • sheet metal

    • 15x scrap

    • 2x tech trash

    • 2x small pres.

    • sheet metal

    • 15x scrap

    • 3x tech trash

    • 2x med pres.

    • sheet metal

    • 15x scrap

    • 21 hqm

    • tesla coil

    • small pres.

    • med pres.

    • 2x metal pipe

    • 15x scrap

    • 2x tech trash

    • smart alarm

    • med pres.

    • small pres.

    • semi auto body

    • 15x scrap

    • rifle body

    • strengthened glass window

    • 2x metal pipe

    • 2x medium pres.

    • 15x scrap


    Decorations at monuments

    You’ll notice some extra festive areas of the map during the Rust Christmas season. Specifically, fishing villages, bandit camp, and compound are all decorated for the holidays.


    View fullsize 700580_20221214110535_1.png View fullsize 700580_20221214110606_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221214110709_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221214110749_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221214110953_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20221214110916_1.png





    Ice Throne

    New this year, an Ice Throne is now on staging. This will likely be available for purchase on the item store once the update is live.


    View fullsize 700580_20221214112047_1.png View fullsize 700580_20221214112101_1.png





    Ice metal face mask and breastplate

    Also new this year, the Ice metal face mask and breastplate. With the same stats as the normal armor equivalents, these will likely be available for purchase on the item store once the update is live.



    If you’ve been around for previous Rust Christmas events, you’ll be familiar with these. Every in game day, a jingle will sound, and around every player in the game will spawn a couple presents. 

    Whack them a bit (they have 30 health) and you’ll be treated to 1 or more small or medium presents. These presents can be unwrapped or upgraded to higher tiers, which yield better loot.


    Small Present

    Possible Contents
    ~100 to 200 stone
    Candy canes
    ~3 to 4 chocolate bars
    1 snowball
    ~5 to 15 scrap
    ~200 to 400 wood
    Candy cane club, wrapping paper and 1 snowball
    ~25 to 35 LGF and 2 snowballs
    ~25 to 50 metal frags
    ~Eoka and 9 to 11 handmade shells
    Reindeer antlers

    Upgrade to medium


    Medium Present

    Possible Contents
    1000 stone
    Pipe shotgun and 10 handmade shells
    150 LGF
    Small stocking
    Salvaged cleaver
    Pookie bear
    Snowball Gun and 4 snowballs
    Star tree topper
    ~3 to 4 short ice walls
    Decorative baubles
    Tree lights

    Upgrade to large


    Large Present

    Possible Contents
    250 Crude Oil
    60 HQM
    Super stocking
    Supply signal
    Revolver and 20 pistol bullets
    Custom SMG and 20 pistol bullets
    Pump shotgun and 12 buckshot
    Flame turret
    Holosight, Weapon lasersight, Silencer, Flashlight


    Santa’s Sleigh

    Airdrops are much more festive with Rust Xmas in full swing. Instead of the soulless drone of the C130 overhead, the skies of Rust will be graced with festive sleigh bells and Old St. Nick with his team of reindeer, dropping huge presents with sparkling star trails. Not only does this sound and look festive as fuck, the airdrop loot includes some extra presents!



    Hung around the chimney (or campfire) with care, this duo of deployables loads up with items over time - a long time. You’ll know when there’s some goodies inside when they start dazzling sparkles from the top.


    Small Stocking

    ~250 wood
    ~150 stone
    ~25 metal frags
    Eoka + ~10 shells
    Reindeer antlers
    Candy cane club
    ~5 Chocolate Bars
    Santa Hat


    SUPER Stocking

    ~250 wood
    ~150 stone
    ~50 metal frags
    Eoka + ~10 shells
    Waterpipe shotgun + ~10 shells
    Medical Syringe
    Snowball gun
    4 snowballs


    Other Xmas goodies!

    Rust Christmas comes with a slew of other fun seasonal items. With things like Ice Walls, Sleds, Snowball Guns, Lights, Snow Machines, Snowmen, and more, players will have their fill of festivities.



    A favorite Christmas pastime is back in Rust. Sleds allow players to travel fast and free down snowy slopes. Deployed on the ground - similar to how boogie boards work - these sleds will start sliding down hills the moment you mount them.

    They can be picked up with a hammer and slide well on snow (but not much else). Find them in medium presents!


    Ice Walls

    Also, two frigide types of wall are back! Both made of ice (with icy spikes on the top), these walls will block your greatest of foes — or at least slow them down. Coming in short and high variants, these walls cost stones (300 and 1500 respectively) and are default blueprints for crafting.


    View fullsize 700580_20201216202310_1.png View fullsize 700580_20201216202333_1.png





    Snowball Gun

    The Snowball Gun, also known as the ‘Blizzard Blaster,’ is akin to a fast-firing nerf version of the grenade launcher. Feed this puppy one snowball and you’ll get 50 rounds in return. Fire at will to ‘lay waste to your foes with Christmas cheer.’

    Dropped in Christmas loot during the event, you won’t need to craft or purchase this one.


    Craftable Christmas Tree

    As with previous years, a Christmas Tree can be crafted by players. For 500 wood and 30 cloth, you too can have your own Tree in your base to celebrate the holidays properly. Open the tree up (like a loot box) to decorate with Baubels, Candy Canes, Pinecones, and Gingerbread Men.


    Advent Calendar

    Another way to partake in the holiday festivities is with the Advent Calendar. Available to craft as a default blueprint, this deployable will allow you to claim a new present every real life day.


    100 wood
    20 cloth
    Workbench level 1

    Other stuff

    The team is working hard on some quality of life, optimizations, and more for January and beyond. Here is a summary of the commits from this week:

    • Driver can now steer a modular car when engine is off. Allows for one person pushing, one steering.

    • Don't spawn fireballs when minicopter / scrap heli dies to decay

    • Dropped item containers (not corpse backpacks) will always take 2 hours to despawn regardless of contents

    • Added "itemdespawn_container_scale" convar which defaults to 2

    • Change "Lower to bottom floor" to "Top Floor" / "Bottom Floor" & make it the default option for elevators

    • Allow cloning of food (corn, pumpkins, potatoes) at a slightly earlier stage

    • Door shows "Unlock" as default option when you don't have the code

    • Wait 6 seconds before showing markers on the map, to avoid lag spike on death


    See you next year!

    Development slows down for the holidays as the devs take some well deserved and needed time off. Given this, we’ll be back in January for the update and forced wipe on the 5th. Have a wonderful holidays and a happy new year!

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