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    Rust Halloween is here!

    2:30pm EST - The Rust Halloween event is currently on staging and set to go live tomorrow (Friday). With it comes some familiar murdering faces from previous years along with a ton of spooky new items.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Similar to the Murderer NPC’s from last year’s Halloween, Scarecrow NPC’s have been added! Not only do they look cooler, they have more armor and better weapons. They also throw beancans and pitchforks at you with great velocity.

    As far as loot is concerned, these NPC’s - upon being killed - drop similar items to that of a barrel (minus the scrap). You’ll still find a couple of Scientist NPC’s in your travels, but it appears most of the have been replaced by these Murderers.

    Funny side note: the Scientists and Murders will fight and kill each other (which could be the cause of seeing less Scientists around).


    New items

    A slew of new items have been added for this event. Many are default blueprints, however, some you’ll have to buy in the item store or find in loot around the map. Keep in mind, much of this still needs a balance pass, so expect some things to change.

    Butcher knife

    Basically a clone of the Bone Knife, the Butcher Knife is a cheap weapon which is good for throwing and harvesting. It is a default blueprint and costs 30 bones to craft.



    Similar to a spear, the Pitchfork has a long attack range and can be thrown at your enemies. It is a default blueprint and costs 300 wood to craft.


    Cursed Cauldron

    Another spooky form of campfire has arrived. The Cursed Cauldron emits a green glow and some bubbling noises when lit. It is a default blueprint and costs 100 wood to craft.

    Small Candle Set

    A cheap new source of light is here! The Small Candle Set only costs 100 wood and doesn’t require any fuel at the moment to stay lit. It is a default blueprint and costs 100 wood to craft.

    Large Candle Set

    Like the Small Candle Set, the Large Candle Set emits light with no source of fuel. It is a default blueprint and costs 100 wood to craft.


    A Barrel Costume

    Some new attire has arrived with this Halloween event. The Barrel Costume allows you to dress like - you guessed it - a barrel. Vision is limited while wearing (think Heavy Plate Helmet) but it’s great for hiding as you can crouch and look just like a barrel placed on the ground. This item is not a default blueprint so it’ll probably go on sale on the item store sometime soon.



    A clone of the Metal Hatchet, the Sickle appears as though it’ll be a tool for sale on the item store once the patch goes live.



    Another item which is not a default blueprint, the Fogger-3000 looks and behaves just like a fog machine you’d rent from a party supply store. Running on low grade fuel, it creates a good amount of smoke and can be turned on and off.


    Graveyard Fence

    You can now build your own graveyard with the trusty new Graveyard Fence. Not only can you demarcate where your dead are buried, these fences may come in handy during PvP. They stack to 10, can be deployed quickly, and allow you to shoot through the iron rods (most of the time).

    These are not a default blueprint at the moment so you’ll probably see them hit the item store tomorrow.

    Spooky Speaker

    A new audio source, the Spooky Speaker emits random creepy sounds when on. No fuel or power required, but you can turn it off if you want a break from the maniacal laughs and what-not. It is a default blueprint and costs 100 wood to craft.

    Strobe light

    Warranting a new seizure warning when you load the game, a strobe light has been added. It is definitely bright, and will potentially bring out your most epileptic of emotions. Along with being able to turn it on and off, you can also adjust the speed. This is not a default blueprint.

    Spooky sounds

    The cherry on top of the spooky ambiance sundae occurs after the sun sets as several creepy ambient sounds have been added to night time.

    New warning

    When you open your game after the patch (or on staging today) you’ll notice a nifty new warning. Presumably to go along with the addition of the Strobe Light, you now seriously must watch out for seizures (seriously).

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