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    SAM Site's are here!

    12:00am EST - We’ve got some interesting new air defenses entering the game this week along with a new Rowboat model and improvements to the Hot Air Balloon.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    SAM Site added

    With the imminent addition of Hot Air Balloon, Helk has introduced a new form of air defense to the game this week. SAM Sites (i.e. surface to air missile sites) can now be spawned on the staging branch.

    They are in a very ‘work in progress’ state at this point, leaving much of the specifics up in the air (so to speak). At the moment, they target Hot Air Balloons and Chinooks, unleashing a relentless - and endless - barrage of rockets once locked on.

    Helk shared with me some plans for the future, so here’s the lowdown:

    • It will be for sale (like at Bandit Town or Compound)

    • It might also be a craftable item

    • It will have a new ammo type (or types)

    • The team is shooting to get this in for the update next week (along with the Hot Air Balloon)

    Keep in mind, this is all subject to change prior to going live. We’ll keep you posted as we get closer to the update. In the meantime, if you’d like to try this out on the staging branch (and you have moderator privileges), you can spawn one in using the following command:

    spawn sam_site

    Hot Air Balloon inflation

    Along with a new ground effect, the Hot Air Balloon has had an inflation process added. Now instead of the balloon always being full, it starts off deflated completely. Once the ignition button inside is pressed, it’ll slowly fill the balloon up. When fully inflated, the Hot Air Balloon will start to float away.

    Expect more specifics on the Hot Air Balloon to come to light next week as we get closer to the update.

    New Rowboat model

    The Rowboat is no longer using a model purchased off the Unity asset store. Instead, it is now a custom created skin for Rust. It doesn’t appear as though any stats or functionality has been changed with the Rowboat, it simply has a new look.


    Impostors optimization

    A new form of optimization is being worked on in the form of impostor meshes. Impostors are basically a lower polygon, 2d version of a 3d object. Using them can greatly reduce strain on systems, thereby improving FPS. Diogo is working on a separate branch at the moment, optimizing various impostors for trees.

    Although we can’t quite test the results yet, this could potentially improve performance greatly - especially on lower end computers.

    Other stuff

    • A new style of Cargo ship is being worked on

    • NRE fix for Scarecrows

    • Fixed Scarecrow not re-equipping Sickle after throwing a beancan

    • Tweaked Scarecrow take-damage modifiers

    Rustafied Halloween Event is this Saturday!

    We’re running a community Halloween event this Saturday, October 27th from 6pm to 8pm EST. Join us for some spooky games and awesome prizes (including 6 months of Platinum VIP on our servers!).

    Rustafied Halloween Event
    Saturday October 27th
    6pm to 8pm EST

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