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    Server switching and first person spectate

    12:00am EST - A fresh month of Rust development is underway and we’re seeing some exciting things afoot!

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Charitable Rust is next Saturday!

    That’s right! It’s time for our yearly charity event. Charitable Rust 2021 will be an action packed 12 hour live stream event where you can join in and participate in various custom activities like races, escape rooms, parkour, carnivals, and much, much more!

    Join your favorite streamers on our event servers for your chance at action and prizes! All proceeds raised this year go to the amazing charity, Preemptive Love.

    Mark your calendars: Saturday, November 20th from 11am to 11pm EST!

    Server switching on boats?

    An interesting commit stood out publicly in a sea of hidden work this week. Put up to the ‘nexus’ branch, it states, “Allow all water vehicles to transfer to different servers through the ocean.” Very interesting.

    Now this isn’t a brand new concept. The team has talked about the idea of server to server transfer via the ocean in previous road maps. How would it work though? How would it stop a Zerg from loading up on a small pop server then taking a boat to wreck a new server? That remains unknown as of now, however, I imagine the developers will be putting in some limitations or guidelines around these server to server transfers. 

    As it stands, this is still very much a work in progress on a separate branch, so we’re not able to test any specifics. That said, we’ll keep a close eye on this and update as more comes to light.

    First person spectate

    At long last, actual first person spectate has been added to the AUX branch. Although not impactful for the normal player, this functionality will come in handy for content creation and even certain admin situations (although the primary intended use appears to be for content creation). 

    As it stands, there are some effects and features missing such as player hunger / thirst, headshot crunches, and healing over time UI data. It does, however, include UI overlays such as when a player puts on goggles or a heavy helmet along with showing the inventory UI. It also fixes some previous spectate issues where players appeared underwater while in caves.

    Still on AUX, it’s probable we’ll see some further tweaks to this functionality prior to it going live.

    MLRS updates

    Some changes abound for the latest monument-based hellbringer from the sky. The MLRS is getting some updates on a new branch, aptly called ‘MLRSUpdates.’ The primary changes so far appear to be a slightly increased target area radius along with making it so the rockets cluster less towards the center of a potential hit area. Long and short, the MLRS rockets will spread out a bit more when landing on a target.

    Other stuff

    • More work on Hapis conversion

    • Fixed ridable horse corpses not being lootable

    • Give the card table pot storage a working loot panel reference as well, though it shouldn't matter as this storage is never accessed by players

    • Fixed missing sfx on skull rock skin viewmodel

    • Fix for case where inserting a loaded weapon into an auto turret would sometimes lose the ammo already loaded into it

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