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    Smoke grenades and optimizations

    12:00am EST - We’re near the halfway point for development this month and the team at Facepunch is working on fixes, optimization, and some new items!

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Smoke grenades

    Helk snuck a new item into the game this week. Smoke grenades can now be purchased at Bandit Town for 10 scrap each. They cannot be crafted and appear to only be obtainable at the weapon shop of the newest monument.

    A handy tool, smoke grenades emit a large amount of - you guessed it - smoke. The smoke lasts around a minute and does a good job of obscuring the area. Helk mentioned they may need a bit of optimizing, but thankfully there's time for that before they go live in game.


    Available at
    Bandit Town

    10 scrap

    ~1 minute



    After work last week on optimization of skin loading, the team continued to clean things up to improve performance. This week, among other things, Diogo and Helk removed allocations for garbage collections in a bunch of places.

    Given this appears to have been another source of stuttering in the game, players will hopefully experience much fewer issues come the next update.

    Skin icon fixes

    For a while now, icons for certain skins haven’t been loading properly. Thankfully, that appears to be resolved this week after Andre has rebuilt all skin icons. He’s also fixed skinned mesh render bounds not always refreshing when rendering icons, which could lead to odd icon scales.

    Recycler improvement

    Helk has modified an annoying trait of the recycler. Instead of anyone being allowed to turn it off - which opened up for a lot of trolling around communal recyclers - only the user of the recycler may now operate it.

    Cargo ship progress

    Vince and Damien have continued their work on the art to go with an upcoming server event, the Cargo Ship. As described in the roadmap, the Cargo Ship will occasionally circle the map in Rust, allowing players to approach and board to battle scientist NPC’s and each other to secure loot.

    No visuals from the team on this yet, but it does appear to be a priority to get in for this months update. More on this as work progresses in the coming weeks.

    Other stuff

    • Recycler added to Bandit Town
    • inventory.give now takes item condition as an optional third parameter
    • Icon for supply signal has been updated

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