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    Steamworks and Unity updates


    12:00am EST - One week since the ‘Smol Update’ and we’re seeing progress on various ongoing projects. Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Skin icons fix

    You may have noticed a small client update earlier this week. This optional patch was to help fix some rogue skin icons that weren’t working. This wasn’t some one-off issue; skins have been sporadically breaking here and there for months now.

    Thankfully, between this latest patch and some other commits from Andre this week, it appears skins should be working more consistently from here on out.

    Unity update

    The latest version of Unity (2019.1.1) has been merged in to the staging branch. Although this won’t change much on the forward facing end, it does include various bug fixes and other improvements under the hood. Also, thankfully, it doesn't appear this new version has drastically fucked anything up like we’ve seen in some past Unity updates.

    Steamworks goodness

    Garry is working on some interesting new functionality on a branch entitled ‘Steamworks2’. As you may be aware, Steamworks is a series of tools which provides developers the ability to do various things such as skin integration, match making, in game purchases, and more.

    Thus far we’ve seen Garry do commits around achievements, stats, and improvements to the server browser and history. No word on exactly what this body of work entails, but we’ll keep you posted as the month progresses and this branch gets merged in.

    Giant excavator progress

    A huge new monument is on the horizon. The Giant Excavator monument, slated for a launch at the June update, stands to provide some excellent opportunities for PvP, looting, and more. No new visuals quite yet as it is still on a separate branch, but we’ll provide full coverage of the huge new monument once it gets merged in.

    Weapon texture / VFX optimization

    Petur is in the process of redoing a bunch of textures and effects for various weapons. This weapon and VFX optimization branch will not only improve the look of various weapons and their firing effects, but also hopefully provide some performance enhancements to boot. More information on this as work progresses throughout the month.

    Other stuff

    • Fix for Rustige egg base protection exploit

    • Street lights are no longer brighter than the sun

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